Resume advice is everywhere. There are lots of websites and “experts” claiming to know exactly what you should and should not have on your resume. Then there are people who insist they know the secret recipe when it comes to resumes.

And while we at Maxsys Solutions are experts in IT staffing, we also know a bit about resumes. Here is just our advice as to some words you should never have on your resume:

  • Hardworking – we just want to point out that no one has ever put “lazy worker” on their resume. Everyone is going to say that they’re a hard worker, so there is no need to point it out.
  • Microsoft Office – so let’s get this straight, you have knowledge of advanced C++ programming, and are proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and Java, but you want to highlight that you know Word? The hiring manager is just going to assume you know Microsoft Office. Unless you’re applying for an entry-level admin.
  • Objective – use your cover letter to describe what your career objectives are. Don’t waste valuable resume real estate.
  • Dabbled – unless you’ve used a program consistently, leave it off your resume. I’ve dabbled in brewing beer, but I’m not applying for master brewer just yet.
  • Expert – be very careful here. If you’re an expert, great! If not, you’re just opening yourself up for embarrassment during the job interview.

Bonus advice: also remove “References available upon request” and anything misspelled. The former we have covered before and the later just goes without saying. Proofread, proofread, and then proofread again!

For more information on your resume and finding the perfect job, contacting a professional staffing agency is always an effective option. And if you’re in IT and looking for work in Dallas-Fort Worth, Maxsys Solutions is one of the area’s exceptional IT Staffing Agencies.

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