The ugly truth of any job search is that you often need to do something to make yourself stand out. The key is finding the right “stand out method” that will correctly capture the attention of a hiring manager.

That’s exactly what a woman in Australia did while searching for a market research job. Renata Chunderbalsingh knew she would need something to differentiate herself from the rest of the job applicants because she was new to the industry. So she wrapped her resume in a chocolate bar.

Chocolate-Resume-BarPreviously in education, Renata took a Lindt chocolate bar, wrapped her resume around it and had a design made for the outer wrapper with her name and “Resume Bar” printed on it. The back of the wrapper had facts about herself, all made to look like nutritional facts (she gave herself 100% in creativity and we have to agree). Under “Questions or Comments?” she put her contact information.

Chunderbalsingh sent the chocolate resume bars to several recruitment agencies and companies, and we know of one hiring manager who raved about the idea on LinkedIn, calling it an “ingenious application”.

So while the chocolate bar resume idea may not particularly make you stand out since it’s already gotten so much attention (and we live in Texas, so we don’t advise you do this in the summer!), we hope it will inspire you to find other ways to showcase your talents while searching for a job.

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