Some Explanations for Why You Didn’t Get That Job

Your resume perfectly suits the position description; you’ve been getting positive feedback from HR, and … what ?! You weren’t selected? Don’t take it personally– there are many factors outside your control (and some actually in your control) why you may have been passed over for the job you wanted. Often, the reason why you weren’t chosen is only distantly associated with your strengths and suitability for the role. Here are reasons why you may not have gotten the job:

  • You really weren’t qualified

Recruiters claim that over half of job applicants for a given job aren’t qualified– and sometimes even more. Don’t be shocked when you don’t get a response if you only met 50 percent of the requirements. Alternatively, consistently applying for only the occupations you are completely suited for can restrict your opportunities. Applying for a job that demands 6 years of practical experience when you only have 4 isn’t outrageously idealistic. Take the shot.

  • The company is undergoing a hiring freeze

Sometimes HR will list jobs online even though the company is experiencing internal uncertainty, and in fact hasn’t hired anyone in a year. A hiring freeze could also take effect when you find yourself in the interview process, in which case you could appear to be unceremoniously dropped out of the running. This might also be a condition HR doesn’t want you to necessarily learn, simply because they don’t want reports to circulate regarding why the freeze had to take place.

  • The position was filled in house

Internal candidates are typically considered first for any new role that becomes available over a new hire from outside the company. In fact, sometimes an internal prospect was the only one being looked at all along, but the company has a policy on publicly posting jobs. The job could have only had the illusion of being available but was reserved for another person from the start. Again, don’t get down on yourself.

  • They were hiring for a particular fit

Even though your resume perfectly fit the requirements and your cover letter was excellent, there’s no assurance you’ll land the job. It is dependent on where you’re interviewing, but many workplaces are increasingly worried about building a cohesive company culture. Study the company’s culture ahead of time so you have a better comprehension of what they’re searching for.

  • You made a less than stellar impression on HR

When HR is considering a talented group of applicants, even one false step may be cause enough to cost you the position. Regardless of how accomplished you are, it’s always important to be polite, professional and respectful to the individuals who are recruiting you.

  • You were over-qualified

If a hiring manager is looking for a specific skill set for a particular job that you appear over-qualified for; they may accept the less-qualified applicant for budget reasons or because the role was just more junior than your qualifications. Hopefully, you will soon be rewarded for your capabilities somewhere else!

  • The company underwent a restructuring

Hiring can be suspended during a major restructuring, during which time HR will be defining their priorities under the new structure and what kind of job positions they require. If you’re still really enthused about the company, don’t give up hope– let HR know that you’re showing an interest in any future positions that might become available.

Whatever the explanation, not landing a particular job shouldn’t hinder your continued diligence. There are plenty of ways to correct each of these reasons why you may not have been offered the job. Review your resume, consult your network, get a reference and get back on the market. The job search may not be easy, but finding a job you love is well worth the effort.