Picture it: you have your perfect job. Your boss is amazing and you’re swimming in money. What other qualities would this perfect job have? Perhaps a car allowance, lots of vacation time, or is it less tangible than that?

What really makes employees happy at their job?

You may have heard – probably from your mother – that money doesn’t buy happiness. And guess what? Mom was sort of right. Glassdoor looked at workplace satisfaction and how it relates to your salary. They asked the question, “Do the job factors you care about most change as your income changes?”

They sorted a group of employees into 4 income categories and looked at how they felt about the following job factors:

  • Career opportunities
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Culture & values
  • Senior leadership
  • Work-life balance
  • Business outlook

Overall, all employees rate culture and values as most important when it comes to satisfaction with their job. Senior leadership came in second. It’s interesting to see that many employees, regardless of income levels, value a company that puts their employees first. As well as, a company that has created great leaders to encourage and support their employees.


The study did find some other curious facts: that as incomes increased, compensation and benefits were not as important. Also, desire for work-life balance decreased the more money a person made.

When it comes to business outlook, it seems that the more money people make, it became less of a priority. This shows that lower income workers worry about job security more than those who earn more money, and may work for a more stable company.

As an employee, are you happy? Do any of these factors matter to you in the same way as the study shows? And if you’re an employer, are your employees happy? Would you take some of this information to see that they are?

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