Here is a statistic that I bet will shock you, “84% of employers expect job applicants to negotiate salary during the interview stage.”

Now take a second and think about your last job search; did you negotiate your salary? Many people believe that their chances of getting a position decrease if they don’t take the first salary offer given to them. And this is simply not true.

Hiring managers are humans too…yup, with feelings and everything. They worry about hiring the wrong person for the right salary, but they also worrying about losing the right person for a slightly higher salary.

Here are some other things that hiring managers worry about during the salary negotiation process:

They Will Hit Their Salary Cap

Unless you’re interviewing with the company owner, the hiring managers has a boss, and that boss is the one controlling the purse strings. There is only so high they can go with their salary offer, so they are secretly hoping it’s enough for the right candidate. You need to thoroughly do your research and now what you are worth. If you do get an offer that means you’re in the driver’s seat; they want you, it’s just a matter of how high they’re allowed to go.

That You Have Multiple Offers

Hiring managers know that great job applicants are not exclusively interviewing with them. So they are worried that someone else will offer you more money. If you are lucky enough to get two job offers, do not use one as leverage against the other (that can come back to bite you!). Simply be honest with both companies and carefully consider which position and salary is best for you.

That They Will Lose the Best Candidate

Even if a candidate accepts an offer, typically they need to give their current employer two weeks notice. Lots can happen in two weeks. They can receive a counter offer from the company they work for, they can still interview for other positions, or they can win lotto and not ever need to work again. If you accept an offer, be sure to keep an open line of communication with your new boss.

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