If you are currently looking for a new job, you probably have a checklist of  what you’re looking for in a company and position.

But have you considered what desired qualities you want in a boss? Would you like to work for someone who is motivating, who is inspirational, or someone who is more hands-off? A 2015 Gallup study found that 50% of workers leave their job to get away from their manager.

Want to ensure that you will not be part of that statistic? Check out these three types of bosses you do not want to work for:

The Know-It-All

We all know someone like this, but to have this person as your boss can be unbearable. Many know-it-alls (KIAs) rarely seek opinions from others and they will never admit when they’re wrong. Both bad qualities in a human being, let alone a boss.

Adult ADD

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that you know is absolutely not paying attention to a word you say. That’s because adult ADD is a real thing and it effects bosses everywhere. You want a boss who can stay on track, who can delegate efficiently, and who can finish a conversation.

All Talk, No Action

Is your current boss off every Friday? Does he or she take 3 hour lunches? Does your boss have all of these fabulous ideas, knows how to tackle them, gives guidance and then it all fizzles out? You don’t want to work for someone who has great ideas in the boardroom, but never follows-through. Sure you may put your heart and soul into a project, but the boss has gone fishin’. And when he comes back, it’s no longer a priority.

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