Your Resume is Not About You

TypingYour resume contains your background, experiences, credentials, and achievements, but it’s not about you. Let’s face it, your resume is a professional ad, targeted at your future employer. You aren’t even human yet. Your resume is a sales pitch about what will be gained by hiring you. Your resume is about the needs of your future boss and the advantages of hiring you. But most resumes amount to a glorified account of previous responsibilities and that doesn’t cut it!

When writing a resume, often we begin writing the story we’re familiar with, containing what we’ve been doing all our lives. Today’s job market demands more. It’s no longer enough to mention you went to a prestigious school, have an MBA, or that you won some awards. Your resume must be transformed from basically a list of duties into something that will wow potential employers, something that makes them want to invest in YOU!

This can be hard to do when we don’t know precisely who the audience is or what we should say. Maybe we feel as

Photo: Kayla Rorick

Photo: Kayla Rorick

though we are blatantly bragging and that’s not something we’re comfortable with.

Think of your resume as a sales flier used to gain the attention of prospective employers and show just what you have to offer, keying into your skills and achievements, in six seconds.

It’s also helpful to know what your resume shouldn’t be. Despite what we’ve been told in the past, your resume shouldn’t be a list of past work history or accolades. And it’s not personal either so no need for an objective, photos, a list of hobbies, or a personal statement.

Now you know what a good resume consists of. Do your research and present your best self and you should be landing interviews in no time.