It’s recommended that you update your resume any time something in your career changes; even if that just means completing a big project at work. This way you don’t find yourself unemployed, trying to remember all of your achievements in the past few years, and spending hours revamping your resume.

As professional staffing agents, we advise that whenever you open your resume to update it, you should also take a few minutes and freshen it up a bit. We feel that editing your resume is much more involved than simply checking for typos. Here are some quick, easy tips to refresh your resume:

  • Focus on your resume as a whole. You’ll want to check for things like employment gaps, and unnecessary information. Also ask yourself does the beginning of the resume interest me enough to keep reading?
  • Analyze the language used in your resume. Can something be worded more clearly or more effective? Try to provide examples of your accomplishments, instead of simply listing them. And for the love of Pete, do not repeat words. It may help to read your resume out loud.
  • Check your resume for accuracy. Make sure all of the addresses, phone numbers, dates and names are all correct. Make note if any companies have changed names or have gone out of business.
  • Proofread, proofread, and then proofread again. We cannot stress this enough. You don’t want to lose a potential job over a spelling or grammatical error.
  • Is your resume aesthetically pleasing? Hold it up and make sure it doesn’t look too cluttered, that the font size is consistent, and the layout is easy to read.

Remember that the person looking at your resume is doing so for the first time; try to look at it from their perspective.

For more resume tips or career advice, contact a professional staffing agency in your area. And if your area happens to be Dallas-Fort Worth, our team members at Maxsys Solutions would love to help you.

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