Whether or not you realize it, the internet and the popularity of social media have made it much easier to find a job these days. No more searching through the newspaper classifieds, making uncomfortable phone calls or faxing your resume, hoping it went through clearly.

Today, you can simply log into a site like LinkedIn and be connected to thousands of people in your industry.

But how do you harness the power of LinkedIn to find a job? Most people create a LinkedIn account, complete their profile and never log in again.

We want you to change that and use these tips for finding a job using LinkedIn:


Remember when you first created your account and you connected with all of these people you once knew? Well, why not go through your list again and see what people are up to. If they’ve changed titles or companies, send them a message congratulating them. It only takes a moment and you never know where it will lead. While you’re logged in, don’t forget to make new connections.

Update Your Profile

If you’re currently looking for a job, chances are your LinkedIn profile is out-of-date. Update it to let people know you’re no longer with your previous company. You never know who will take our advice from the previous paragraph and reach out to you.

Even if you’re not searching for a job, don’t forget to also update your profile to reflect things like a promotion or relocation.

Did You Know There is a “Tag” Feature?

In LinkedIn, you are able to “tag” your contacts to help you organize and sort them. You can use tags such as “client” or “colleague”. Or you can be really specific and add “met at Chicago conference 2015”. This will allow you to easily filter through your contact list and either send them a message or share a relevant article.

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