We have given lots of advice about job interviews, from what to do with your hands during the interview, to how to follow up after the interview.

We cover all of these topics for good reason – the job interview is the most important part of your job search. It’s the main course. It’s the fourth quarter of the big game.

So today we’re going to discuss things you should never, ever do in a job interview. Besides passing gas or cursing, these are tips that may not be so obvious.

Be Negative

Sure your last boss may have been a jerk, but you don’t want to say that to your possible future boss. Negativity is a bad sign in a potential employee, so try your best to put a positive spin on any bad experiences at your last job. Show what you’ve learned from your previous position and keep the negative feelings to yourself.

Arrive too Early

Have you ever thrown a party and someone shows up way too early? And do you remember how that threw off your party prep? Same goes for a job interview; you never want to be late, but you also don’t want to be there 30 minutes early. 5-10 minutes early is perfect for showing off your time management skills.

Say, “No I don’t have any questions”

Hiring managers are trained to recognize actions and inactions that are undesirable to the company. This allows them to quickly weed out people and move on. When you don’t ask any questions during a job interview, you’re essentially telling them that you have no interest in the company or position. We’ve already given some examples of questions you can ask at your next interview.


I once gave a speech in college and since it was casual, I sat on the table and started swinging my legs. The professor told me that people were more focused on how high I could swing my legs rather than my words. When you fidget during a job interview, it’s the same thing. The hiring manager is watching you play with your pen or shake your leg and therefore not paying attention to the amazing things you’re saying. Take a deep breath and sit still.

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