Do the numbers 8, 18, 48 and 72 mean anything to you? No, we’re not predicting tonight’s lotto numbers.

When it comes to your job search, numbers are important: the number of resumes you send out, the number of times you’re called back for an interview, and finally the numbers presented to you as a salary offer.

But recently, a smart user at Quora answered the  question “how long should you stay at a job?” with the numbers 8, 18, 48 and 72.

Michael O. Church is a programmer and machine learning engineer, and his theory on these numbers as it pertains to employment are pretty spot on.


Holding a job for less than 8 months and including that on your resume may be a big mistake. Perspective employers are going to see that and think you that you cannot stick it out long enough for your 6-month, of even 1-year, review. If you are in this situation, consider leaving that particular job off of your resume; unless it was due to a large company layoff, which was beyond your control.


If you held a position for 18 months, this is a perfectly acceptable amount of time to give a job the ‘ole college try. It shows that you stuck it out, but decided the position was not a good fit and didn’t want to waste anymore of yours or their time.


48 months equals 4 years (for those of you who are not so good with the math) and this shows you put in a good amount of effort and work into a company. Many people will leave a position at this point because the work is not challenging enough or there may not be any room for advancement.


Many people may think 72 months is a good answer to how long should you stay at a job? But they’re wrong. If you’ve been with a company for 6 years and have not moved up the corporate ladder enough – or at all – then a perspective employer may see this as a warning sign. It could show that you were not working on a level where a superior thought to promote you. Of course, there are always circumstances in which this is unavoidable, so it’s best to be clear on your resume and cover letter.

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