We don’t like to sugarcoat things: searching for a job requires lots of work. But what if we told you that it could also be done in one 10-hour day?

Now before you moan about dedicating a whole day to your job search. Think about how one personal day off is nothing compared to the joy you will feel when you find that dream job. Cheesy, but true.

The 10-hour plan comes from The Muse and includes a breakdown of your day. It provides everything you need to forge through that job search to-do list.

  1. Start at 9am – no sleeping in! – where you will reflect on exactly what you’re looking for in a new job. Moving on, you will update your resume. This schedule only allows you 1 hour to do so and that should be all you need (if you’ve been proactive and consistently update your resume).
  2. Next, this part of this plan requires you to schedule a networking lunch, either with a mentor or old colleague. The hour before your lunch, brush up on some important info. You may want to browse your lunch date’s LinkedIn page and make sure you have some questions and your elevator pitch ready.
  3. Speaking of social media accounts, after lunch you will clean up yours. You will also create a list of about 10 to 15 companies that you want to work for, and then research each. This will help you narrow things down a bit, making the job search process less overwhelming.
  4. To end your day, you’ll want to send some emails; either to another former contact to reconnect or to someone who works for one of your targeted companies.

We’d also like to add that at some point during your job search marathon, you should touch base with the staffing agency you’re working with. It’s always best to keep them in the loop. Not working with a professional staffing agency? If you’re located in Dallas-Fort Worth and are in the IT industry, check out Maxsys Solutions.