What Should You Major In To Earn the Most Money?

You graduate from High School, you choose a tech college major, and hopefully you’ll graduate and make big money.

Sounds like a plan.

But it doesn’t always go that way, does it? How do you ensure that the college major you pick is not only the one that’s going to get you a job, but one that will come with a good salary.

Well Glassdoor has answered that question. They recently reveled the 50 Highest Paying College Majors and we are happy to report that a few tech college majors made the list. The jobs were ranked by how much they pay during the first five years out of college.

First on the list is Computer Science. This field encompasses jobs like software engineer, systems engineer, and web developer, just to name a few. According to Glassdoor, it has a median base salary of $70,000.

Information Technology comes in at number 6 with a median base salary of $64,008. Major in this if you want to be a programmer analyst, a computer programmer or if you want to work in technical support.

Coming in at number 10 is Management Information System. This major is great if you’re looking to work in network administration, or be a help desk or business analyst. Expect to earn around $58,000 during the first five years in the workforce.

Are you a little more creative? Graphic Design may be the major for you and it’s number 22 on the list. The median base salary is $45,846.

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