Bring Your Team Dynamic to its Highest Level

manager2Attaining manager status brings with it a plethora of obligations and requires the ability to juggle team members and projects, with their attendant completion goals. To rise above the promotion to manager requires special effort. If you want to be more than just a manager, but intend to be awesome carrying the new workload, there are some easy, straight forward steps you can take to become a great manager, not just a good one.

Begin Implementing these Steps Today!

Say thank you

It’s pretty standard to expect a thank you after staying late to complete a project or somehow going the extra mile to accomplish a task, however, a great manager will know that the thank you received for daily efforts is the one that is most satisfying. Acknowledging your appreciation of even fulfilling daily responsibilities will show your team they are valued and that their contributions are recognized and appreciated.

Be adaptable

Part of a manager’s responsibility is to ensure workflow is maintained and schedules are met. However, employees are people too. When you recognize your team’s priorities and allow some flexibility to accommodate any special needs they may have, you’ll earn their respect and a healthy measure of gratitude. So, the next time one of your team has an appointment they can’t miss, work with them. Accept their absence with grace to show you value and trust them to meet their obligations despite outside conflicts.

Talk to your employees about their personal lives.

feedbackKeeping up with the important events in the lives of your employees reflects a level of caring sometimes missing in corporate America. Showing an interest in the day to day challenges and events that occur in your employee’s outside lives shows them that you care, not only for their work performance, but for them personally. Building these relationships will build loyalty and improve performance.

Give your feedback face-to-face

One of the many responsibilities of a manager is to manage. Tweaking performance through constructive criticism is a necessary evil that ensures your team learns from any mistakes and continues to grow and become more proficient. As such, it’s best received face-to-face. Even though on the surface, email appears to be more efficient and may seem less confrontational, tone is difficult to communicate in writing. To ensure your employee truly understands exactly where they need to adjust and how it will affect the team and project, take the 15 minutes and meet in person. You’ll avoid any confusion brought on by potential miscommunication and they’ll appreciate that you were sensitive enough to consider their feelings and performance to ensure their understanding.

Spring for catering on occasion

meetingMeetings happen. Some businesses require more meetings than others, but conducting business, especially working with a team, requires some level of coordination and planning to meet goals and accomplish various stepping stones leading to completion of your project. Every so often, spring for some nums. Whether it’s a full lunch, with sandwiches and sides, or just pastries and coffee, employees appreciate the effort. You don’t have to cater every meeting, but at least once a month, provide some form of refreshments. It’ll give them something to look forward to!

Acknowledge employment anniversaries

In today’s corporate culture, it’s not uncommon for employees to hop from job to job for better opportunities, benefits, and pay scale, so when you have a valued team member that has reached a notable anniversary, celebrate it! Even a group email recognizing their tenure and accomplishments is appreciated. Share their successes and you’ll firm up their loyalty.

Maintain an open-door policy

Managers are typically busy, so when you really follow an open door policy, it shows your team that you care enough to carve out time for them. Listen to their suggestions and any issues they may have, offering what solutions are available, and they’ll feel more at ease while you will further build their loyalty and trust.


Most of the time, all it takes is a subtle gesture to enhance the morale of your team. Integrate these ideas into your management scheme and watch your team excel!

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