In a perfect world, you would be offered an amazing position with a large salary and boatloads of perks.

But you’re an adult and you should know that things are not always perfect. Mick Jagger said it best, “you can’t always get what you want”. Sorry millennials.

Let’s say you were presented with the job of your dreams, but they couldn’t quite get there with the salary offer. There are other things to consider when weighing your job options.

Here are some cool job perks that many companies are now offering:


Whether it’s a cell phone allowance or car allowance, many companies try to entice potential employees with these types of reimbursements. It’s a great way for you to earn money other than in your paycheck. Remember to speak with your company about the tax implications.

Free Food

Who doesn’t love a free meal? This can be an amazing employee perk…as long as the food is good. It’s also a great way for companies to maintain productivity; providing free lunch ensures that employees won’t leave the office for a extra long break.

Office Amenities

I’m sure you’ve heard about those tech companies that provide nap pods or nap rooms. There are other office amenities, such as on-site dry cleaners, a fitness center, or daycare. Then there are the really fun companies that have an office ping pong or pool table.

Education Opportunities

Some employers will pay for job training, and others will actually pay for you to complete or advance your degree. This is a win-win for both the employee and the company.

Flexible Hours

It’s becoming more common to ditch the 9-5 mentality and allow employees to keep flexible hours. Studies have shown that people with a flexible work arrangement are more healthy, happy and productive. They’re also less likely to quit.

Whether you’re looking for a job with a high salary or one with cool job perks (or both!), consider contacting a professional staffing agency. Are you in IT and looking for a job in Dallas-Fort Worth? Maxsys Solutions is one of the area’s exceptional IT Staffing Agencies.