Unless you have a crystal ball, you’re not entirely sure if you’ll be looking for a job in 2017. That is why it’s important to be prepared; and especially important to have your resume always ready.

We’ve given advice on making sure your resume will stand out, what words to delete from your resume, and how to make your resume a story. Now we want to help you refresh your resume for the upcoming year.

Here are some tips to give you – and your resume – an advantage if and when it comes time to look for a new job:

Use Keywords

Yes, like you do on your blog. Technology has come a long way and many companies use automated applicant tracking systems. These allow HR departments to input keywords and have the system go through resumes looking for said keywords. Resumes without them get tossed. Make sure you use keywords that pertain to the job (get hints from the job description) and sprinkle them throughout your resume.

Use Bolded Text

Hiring managers may skim a resume every once in a while; remember that they are looking at possibly hundreds of resumes to fill one position. If you use bolded phrases, you can ensure that their eyes will see it. Be sure to bold significant accomplishments and skills.

Hyperlink Everything You Can

Ok, not everything. But make sure your email address, any social media profiles or professional websites are all hyperlinked. Make it easy for the hiring manager to know everything you want them to know and make it easier for them to contact you.

For more tips on your resume, or finding a job, remember there is always a professional staffing company willing to help you. If you’re in the IT industry and located in Dallas-Fort Worth, check out Maxsys Solutions.