Sitting through a job interview is no easy task. You’re constantly worrying if you’re sitting up straight, if you wore the right outfit and if you’re answering their questions correctly.  All while wondering if this is really the job you want.

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and thought, what he or she is thinking?

Well Lifehacker has and they recently featured a piece about the thoughts hiring managers have while interviewing you.

  1. Can I work with this person? Every manager has different managing skills, just like every worker has different needs. So a manager who is very hands on will not work well with an employee who likes a little more independence. The next time you’re being interviewed, it’s ok to ask  them to describe their management style.
  2. How will this person make me look?  Whether or not you agree with it, an employee is often a reflection of their employer. If you’re in a meeting and are not prepared, it’s going to make you, as well as your boss look bad. Managers want to hire someone who is going to make them look good and they are trying to determine this while interviewing you.
  3. What am I having for lunch? Yes a hiring manager’s mind is going to wander, just like yours will. He or she may be spending a large portion of their day conducting interviews, so they may be thinking about other work that needs to be done, whether or not they’ll meet a deadline, and yes even lunch.

So the next time you’re sitting through another long interview, remember that the hiring manager is human and has a similar end goal in mind – other than lunch, you both want a peaceful work environment.

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