Congratulations on your new job! It’s such an exciting time and you have so many things to look forward to…including leaving your current job.

Now while you may be tempted to scream “Good-bye suckas!” on your way out the door, we’re going to advise against that. It’s a simple as not wanting to burn a bridge and keeping your network as wide as possible.

An exit interview is a great way for a company to learn why you’re leaving, and let’s them know how they can improve.

Want to be ready for your exit interview? Prepare honest answers to questions like these:

Did this Job Meet Your Expectations?

It’s important for a company to know when an employee leaving if the company advertised the position correctly. Especially since they are more than likely looking to fill your position. Asking this question will allow them to sell the job more effectively and find someone qualified in the future.

Did You Have the Tools & Resources to Effectively Do Your Job?

A good company wants to know whether or not you felt supported while you were working there. So this question will help them better assess the systems they have in place and see if they need to change anything for their employees.

Would You Recommend This as a Great Place to Work?

If you’re asked this question, they’re obviously looking for an honest answer so they can improve the company. You have to give them credit for that. They understand that not everyone is meant to work in a certain position or company, so they’re asking for your help on how they can attract more quality people. Unless the company was an absolute nightmare to work at, do the right thing and help them out.

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