Our Approach

IT staffing, in our view, begins with understanding – understanding our clients, our job candidates, and the exciting technologies that are essential to modern business. The time, effort, and energy we invest in building lasting relationships with clients, learning about their company cultures, and carefully evaluating the skills, temperament, and career histories of potential candidates for placement, are the bedrock on which our company’s success has been built on.

Over time, we’ve evolved a highly effective, systematic approach to cultivating the understanding that lets us excel at what we do. We call it the Maxsys approach, and it helps us find the right IT professional for every company’s situation.

We Conduct A Needs Analysis And Assign You A Team

  • We acquire and review the position requirements.
  • We establish a position profile and hiring process.
  • We familiarize ourselves with your company’s culture.
  • We select an account manager and recruiting team with skills and expertise matched to your situation.

We Develop And Execute A Search Plan

  • We begin recruiting and networking for qualified candidates.
  • Our account managers/recruiting team profile and qualify candidate resumes.
  • We contact and present the job opportunity to qualified candidates.
  • Each candidate is interviewed and thoroughly screened against the job specifications.
  • References are checked to ensure accurate resume content.
  • We conduct a criminal background check if this service is requested or required.

Candidate Presentation And Interviews

  • Qualified candidate resumes are presented to the hiring manager.
  • Initial interviews are scheduled.
  • The candidates are debriefed and an interest level is confirmed.
  • The hiring manager is debriefed and an interest level is confirmed.
  • Compensation is discussed and confirmed with all parties.
  • If needed, additional interviews are scheduled, with additional debriefings and compensation discussions as needed


  • A verbal offer is made to the candidate.
  • A start date is established.
  • Agreements are reviewed and signed by all parties before the candidate begins an assignment and/or employment.

Follow Up

  • We follow-up with you and the candidate to ensure satisfaction.