Morning Rituals That’ll Transform Your Workday

Feeling sluggish and you’ve still got 30 minutes until lunch? Finding yourself counting down the time left until you might get out of work at a sensible hour? Writhing in your office chair with manageable jitters? If you responded yes to any of these questions, you need a wellness overhaul.

No, we’re not referring to a juice cleanse or a fad diet. It’s high time you enhance the way you start your workday so that you’ll have more energy, be more centered on the tasks at hand, and you’ll be primed for success. Here are morning rituals to embrace that’ll transform your workday.

Take Time for Breakfast

breakfastBreakfast can be an opportunity to tune into your surroundings and have a peaceful moment prior to a chaotic day. While eating, don’t contemplate what you have to do next or all the things you must do that day. It’s essential that you just concentrate on eating breakfast, preferably at home, while sitting, and not while you’re going out the door or driving to work.

Question Yourself

Before heading to work every morning, Steve Jobs, the revolutionary founder and former CEO of Apple, used to look in the mirror every morning and ask himself “if today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” Jobs said that if the answer was “no” for too many consecutive days, it was time to reassess his priorities. Making big questions a component of your daily routine can put the small details in perspective and help you guarantee you’re concentrating on the important stuff.

Spend Time with Family

Spending quality time with loved ones is a boost that powers many successful people through the day. Mornings might be a more reliable time to plan family moments. It’s before the day gets going and is nearly always more predictable than evening timeslots for everyone. Enjoying breakfast together or reading books with the kids on the drive to school can help you reconnect and center yourself for the day.


Paradoxically, one of the techniques that can help us be the most focused, grounded, and awake is the least conventionally productive: doing nothing but breathing. Start with 5 minutes in the morning and build more into your daily routine as you can.


Making a note of the top tasks you want to get done for the day isn’t a newfangled productivity tip– even Benjamin Franklin would write down his goals for the day. In his well-known morning routine, he suggested to ask “the morning question, what good shall I do this day?” Establishing priorities in the morning helps us keep accountable for them the entire day– especially if you keep the list in an easily visible location.


yogaExercising in the morning pumps the body with endorphins and boosts energy levels throughout the day. Your exercise routine doesn’t have to be two hours, but even a short jog or yoga class can be the energizing force that carries you through the day.


Many successful people use the morning to catch up on the news– Bill Gates purportedly reads the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Economist each morning.

Starting Early

Most CEOs are early risers. The key is setting a realistic wakeup time that you can follow daily, which, obviously, is contingent upon setting a realistic bedtime. An 8-hour-per-night sleep schedules is achievable and recommended.


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