The Path to your Dream Job

Based on the magnitude of your change, migrating from your current career may take a few months or a couple of years or more to carry out. Transitioning into a brand-new functional area or market (e.g., from being a teacher to a business trainer or from technology to health care) needs thought, work and a series of action steps. Think about the following efforts:

Determine Exactly What Extra Education, Training and/or Experience You May Need

You need to identify if the role you seek is one that you presently qualify for or if it needs extra training, education and/or experience that will eventually lead you to the end goal.

You must be practical about the outcome of that education, if additional education is required

For example, possibly you are an administrative assistant aspiring for career improvement, moving into management, and you return to school for your MBA. Thinking you can add an MBA to your resume and unexpectedly interview for management functions or that you should have a wage boost may set you up for disappointment.

Or, possibly you are a health care administrator who received your Master of Public Health or a job manager who garnered your Master of Innovation. You discover that adding these specialized credentials to your toolkit equates to an automated bump up in pay.

Prove Your New Understanding Through Experience and Outcomes

While the chances of gleaning a salary increase may increase with the addition of training and education, the fact is there are no assurances. Education is only one part of the equation. You must be prepared to prove that you in fact can use the new skills and abilities in such a way that adds to your future or present employer’s bottom line.

Simply put, you should reveal your degree or training in action

To do so, you may initially need to apply your newfound knowledge in your existing role or possibly you can take on a volunteer or side function that creates experience muscle from your class training. It likewise may be that you are prepared to accept an entry-level function in your brand-new area of competence before moving through the ranks towards your desired new goal.

Work in a Residency-type Position to Advance Towards Your Ultimate Goals

Even for those studying for extremely financially rewarding professions; e.g., for individuals who go back to school to become physicians, for instance, the ramp up to attain the supreme monetary benefits frequently can take a period of years. You don’t just finish medical school and start to make a six-figure income. You should first perform as an intern or resident, at a lower salary level, however with the expectation that if you work hard, one day you will be earning the dreamed-about physician’s compensation.

Diligence will Pay Off

Rerouting your present career course may require you test-drive your recently learned abilities in a residency-style role whereby you are practicing your ability at a wage below the level you eventually aim to accomplish. Your objective will be to advance your income together with your experience and accomplishments.

No matter how you do it, before you ask about that raise or seek that promotion, you must show (not just tell) that you can perform at a more innovative level or in a new practical area.

Making a profession shift requires flexibility, persistence and decisiveness. Employing these traits and action steps will increase the likelihood of career change success!

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