2017 starts in just a few hours from now.  Before we sing Auld Lang Syne and kiss our loved ones, many will spend this time reflecting on the past year (oh boy!) and thinking about what’s ahead.

If you are considering a new job or a new career in 2017, it’s important to pay attention to the job trends from last year. Every year, Glassdoor highlights the market patterns from the previous year and predicts what will happen in the upcoming year.

#1: Data Scientists Will Be in Full Demand

Data science is used in so many aspects of a business – product design, marketing, finance, logistics, sales, etc.  And it’s predicted that the uses will continue to increase. Glassdoor is expecting that data science will find it’s way to the HR department. This will create improvements in recruiting, hiring and employee relations.

#2: Most Jobs Will Be Affected by Automation

People have a love/hate relationship with automation. We love that it saves companies money and makes products more affordable. But we hate when a person loses a job because of it. For 2017, expect that most jobs will be affected in some way by automation, but not necessarily lost to. To remain employable, make sure you are working on skills that complement – not compete with – the technology.

#3: Say Goodbye to Non-Traditional Perks

IT companies have been known for their awesome perks – on-site fitness centers, video game rooms, free food, etc. But research has shown that those types of benefits have a small impact on employees. Rather, more people would prefer better health insurance, 401k matching, and more paid time off.

For more tips on finding a new job in 2017, remember there is always a professional staffing company willing to help you. If you’re in the IT industry and located in Dallas-Fort Worth, check out Maxsys Solutions.

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