Let’s be honest, there is no one-size-fits-all, foolproof method to searching for employment. There are many variables – the industry you’re in, the level of employment you’re searching, your location, etc.

However there are universal job search mistakes that perspective employees often make. Lifehacker recently shared 10 of them and we’re going to summarize our favorites:

Searching the Want Ads

In 1985 this was the way to find a job, but in 2016 not so much. Many companies do not even advertise job openings on online job sites anymore. Lots of hiring is done by word of mouth or through a professional staffing agency. Spend most of your time networking and don’t answer any creepy online ads.

Not Editing Your Online Profiles

Sure you may think you look awesome in that ripped Van Halen tank top holding a beer bong, but will your future employer? Hiring managers will almost always check your online presence and if there is inappropriate content, your resume goes right in the recycle bin. Also be aware of anything you may share that would be considered “controversial”.

Not Doing Your Research

While we understand you’re looking for a job because you need to make money and you don’t enjoy sleeping on your friend’s couch, you have to realize that you shouldn’t just be looking for a paycheck. You have to make sure you’re right for the company and the company is right for you. Do your research, let your interviewer know you’ve done your research, and you’ll prove that you’re the right candidate for the job.

Accepting Any Salary

It’s often the trickiest part of the job search – giving salary requirements. But it’s important to not only know what others are making, but to know what you’re worth. Take advantage of websites like PayScale or Salary.com and find out the going salaries in your area. This will help you negotiate and not simply take the first number they throw out at you.

A sure fire way to avoid these job search mistakes is to use a professional staffing agency that can help guide you and find the best position. If you’re in Dallas-Fort Worth and looking for a career in IT, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions.

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