We’ve spoken a bunch about how important it is to stand out from the crowd when you’re looking for a job. On average, 118 people apply for any given job and only 20% of those will get an interview.

If thinking about how you can differentiate yourself gives you anxiety, perhaps just focus on a few key qualities job candidates need.


No one person is perfect. Nope, not even you. And employers know this, that’s why they often ask perspective employees to discuss a time they failed at work. It’s ok to show that you’ve make mistakes and what you’ve learned from them.


Who wants to work with a wet noodle? Most people love their jobs because of the relationships they’ve made with their coworkers. So it’s important to come across as likable during your interview process. Another way to show what a great person you are is to choose references wisely and ask them to show why they enjoyed working with you.


We’ve all worked with that one person who always says “that’s not my job”. And no one likes him. When you’re interviewing – and your references can also mention this – describe a time where you went above and beyond in your position. Hiring managers eat that stuff up.

When you work with a professional staffing agency, they strive to portray you in the best light to perspective employers. If you’re located in Dallas-Fort Worth and looking for an IT position, Maxsys Solutions can help you stand out during your job search and show off those qualities job candidates need.