Everyone and their grandmother has tips to help you with your job search. And while some are valuable and you should listen to (like ours!), some you should just flat out ignore.

Here are some job search tips that are either outdated or just wrong:

Make Your Resume Fit One Page

We’re not sure where this one came from, but unless you’re fresh out of college, it’s often impossible to fit your entire career history in a one-page resume. We understand why people suggest this (because no hiring manager wants to read a 4-page resume), but it’s not always feasible. Instead, spend more time focusing on the content of your resume and less time on trying to squeeze it in one page.

List ALL of Your Employment on Your Resume

Along the same lines of trying to fit a resume onto one page, you do not have to include every job you have ever had just to fill space. If you had a part-time job at Old Navy for a summer, it may not be necessary to include if the skills you used do not match the job you’re attempting to get. A great tip is to list jobs by years and leave off the months; this way there won’t be any employment gaps.

You Don’t Need a Cover Letter

Even if you were told by someone within the company that you didn’t need a cover letter, it’s best to include one just in case. Now if the hiring manager or the HR department told you not to, that’s a different story because you want to follow instructions. But if you’re not 100% sure, always include one.

“References Available Upon Request”

Quite frankly, any hiring manager knows that they can request references and that you will oblige. Putting “References available upon request” on your resume is just outdated and it’s taking up precious space on your resume.

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