As a professional staffing agency who specializes in Information Technology, it’s important that we keep up with the top IT jobs and companies. This week Glassdoor released their list of the 25 Highest Paying Companies in America for 2016.

We’re happy to report that 20 of the 25 companies are technology companies. And Glassdoor reported the median total compensation for each, as well as the median base salary.

Juniper Networks, #3 – offering “high-performance network solutions to help service providers, enterprises and the public sector create value and accelerate success”, Juniper Networks provides a median total compensation of $157,000 and a median base salary of $135,000.

Google, #5 – we all know who Google is and what they do, but did you know that $153,750 is their median total compensation? And $123,331 is their median base salary.

VMware, #6 – the leaders in virtualization, VMware aims to “reduce IT expenses, while boosting efficiency and agility”. They also pay a base salary of $130,000.

Amazon Lab126, #7 – a subsidiary of Amazon, Lab126 is their research and development group for consumer electronic products. They’re the innovators of the Kindle, Fire Stick, the Echo, and those fun Dash Buttons. Work for them and your base salary will be approximately $138,700.

Guidewire, #9 – working for Guidewire on software products for the insurance industry will earn you a median base salary of $135,000 and a median total compensation of $150,020.

Other technology companies on the list include:

  • Cadence Design Systems, #10
  • Facebook, #12
  • Twitter, #13
  • Box, #14
  • Walmart eCommerce, #15
  • SAP, #16
  • Synopsys, #17
  • Altera, #18
  • LinkedIn, #19
  • Cloudera, #20
  • Salesforce, #21
  • Microsoft, #22
  • F5 Networks, #23
  • Adobe, #24
  • Broadcom, #25

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