IT Certifications are the easiest – and sometimes cheapest – ways for IT professionals to stay on top of the latest tech trends.

Sure your computer engineering degree comes in handy, but with the way technology changes, certifications give you that competitive edge. Oh, and you may learn a thing or two.

Now unfortunately IT certifications expire and then the question comes, “should I renew or let it expire?”

Well, the answer to that depends on a few details:

Is Your Certification Useful?

Now you may look at your day-to-day tasks at work and think that you don’t use a particular certification, but that does not mean that there’s no value to having it. If you think that it may help you in the future either achieve a promotion or new position, then it is worth keeping. No one wants to see on a resume that you were once a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, but now you’re not. Even though you still have the skills, having the actual certification has its benefits.

Will You Go Back?

If there’s even a small chance that you will go back to a previous career, it’s a good idea to renew a certification. Just like you never want to burn a bridge in your professional life, you never know when you’re going to need to fall back on an old job and need that certification once again.

How Much Did it Cost?

How much did you pay for the certification? And not just with money, how much did you pay with time? If you didn’t study and it only cost you $45, then you don’t have much vested in it. But you’re better off keeping a certification current if it cost thousands and you took a training course to obtain it.

Remember that certain certifications also offer exclusive networking events, so that alone may make it worthwhile to keep it.

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