… and it’s NOT Microsoft Office!

Commonly used resume templates and HR professionals instruct those seeking employment to list strategic abilities on their resume. Think of this as an opportunity to shine a bit. From Java to Final Cut Pro, speaking Arabic to facilitating 150% development, ensure that you include not just the appropriate talents that make you a perfect candidate for the offered position, but also the particular skills that make you stand out as the best candidate.

Be aware, today, proficiency in Microsoft Office is not an overly exceptional skill. It’s assumed you’re familiar with this most basic of software.

Prior to sitting down with your laptop computer to edit, initiate these 5 steps to ensure your resume is the one they keep:

Step 1: Customize your accomplishments

Consider how your skills fit with the specific position you’re targeting. If you are making application to operate at a worldwide organization and you are an experienced, multi-lingual world tourist, both your language abilities and your global experience are incredibly relevant.

If, alternatively, the position you are interested in does not have a worldwide aspect, your language abilities are still a relevant skill, but your world travel experience doesn’t need to be included. Save valuable resume space for only the most essential information.

Step 2: Accentuate tech abilities

Being tech savvy will be consistently interesting. However, in today’s employment marketplace, many of these skills are assumed. To distinguish yourself as of particular value, be specific, so employers understand precisely what tools you command.

Step 3: Keep in mind, soft abilities are important too

Versatility, resilience, solid work principles, a propensity to achieve positive results when working with a group, are all considered soft abilities, and they are essential to employing supervisors. Soft skills result in much better office cohesion, and staff members who have them elevate group spirits.

Instead of merely listing soft skills, demonstrate how your efforts have actually added value in past employment contexts. For example:

“I am a great communicator and was often consulted with by my supervisor to lead a team in discussions and conferences.”


“My supervisor asked me to mentor junior-level colleagues.”

Step 4: Showcase your social media expertise

While a great deal of Instagram fans is impressive to friends, it’s not considered a skill. Nevertheless, if you have actually successfully utilized social networks to raise a brand or drive lead generation, promote that know-how. Quantify your impact with pertinent information to make the best impression.

Step 5: Know the lingo

Each industry has its own terminology. Reflect your command of this in the resume and cover letter. Study up if you need to. Learn all you can about your target industry and what’s important to them. Talk to mentors, teachers and other professionals to discover exactly what people in the industry talk about, so that you can align your skill set with the market’s standards.

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