Congratulations! Not only did you score an interview, but you left feeling great and pretty confident that that you’re getting a job offer.

So what should you do now?

We strongly advise that you don’t sit home silently waiting for the phone to ring. You want to remind them of your awesomeness, but in a professional way. Here is the best way to follow up after a job interview:


Within 24 hours of your interview, you want to send some form of a thank you. It’s important that your thank you note expresses how much you appreciate the time they spent with you. You will also want to mention how enthusiastic you are for the opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to share anything you learned from the interview, especially if it’s about the company. That will show that you were paying close attention and you value direction their company is headed. A little ego stroking never hurts.

Email or Snail Mail?

This is completely up to you. When interviewing, try to get a feel for the office and the person interviewing you. Are they formal or is it more relaxed? Does your interviewer seem like a traditional boss who would prefer a hand-written note? Or does the company seem to lean toward a paper-less office? It’s your call; quickly make it and get that thank you in some type of inbox.

Now What?

If a time frame was discussed during the job interview, then it’s perfectly ok to follow up after that time has passed. If nothing was mentioned, then within a week or so of your thank you note, you may want to send a short email asking if there is any other information you could provide.

It’s important to keep in contact, but not to pester the hiring team.

We understand how stressful a job search can be. Contacting a professional staffing agency to help you is always an option. And if you’re looking for an IT job in Dallas-Fort Worth, Maxsys Solutions is here to take some of the stress away.

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