If we had to name the number one question we get asked the most about a job search, it would have to be, Do I really need a cover letter?

And the answer is yes. If a company asks for it, yes; if a company doesn’t mention it at all, it’s still yes. The only way you’ll get out of creating the dreaded cover letter is if the job description says that they do not want one. It’s important to always take direction from the people hiring you.

So how do you use a cover letter to your advantage to help you land the perfect job? First you have to avoid sounding robotic. There are some phrases you need to stay away from when creating the perfect cover letter:

“Dear Sirs”

Ok, first it’s not 1956. Second, you really need to do your research and find out the name of the hiring manager. It’s not as impossible as it sounds. First you can hit the internet and if all else fails, you can pick up the phone. If you’ve exhausted every avenue, we give you permission to use “Dear Hiring Team”.

“I am very uniquely qualified”

Uniquely qualified sounds a little pompous. But then you throw that very in there and it sounds extremely arrogant. Instead use examples of how your skills have helped you in your career and how you can use them in their company.

“I am detail-oriented”

We actually know some hiring managers that will throw your cover letter and resume out immediately if they see this. It’s a fluff sentence that has made its way onto way too many cover letters and resumes. Again, here is your chance to show off your skills with details of how you have excelled in your previous positions.

Looking for more job search or resume advice? Your local professional staffing agency is a great resource. And if you’re looking for IT jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions to find your next job today.

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