Consulting Services

Maxsys Solutions Consulting has two main areas of focus:

ARIS Consultants

Our ARIS Consultants are focused on Business Process Management.  These Consultants use visual models to document and design your strategy, processes and architectures with ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA). This platform is ideal for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity. Achieve continuous process improvement by transforming isolated process knowledge into effective enterprise collaboration and governance of business processes.

Project Management

Whether you demand a fast moving ever changing pace or a steady proven methodology, our consultants can handle the challenge.  Which methodology is right for you?

  • Agile

The Agile method provides rapid, continuous delivery of product to the customer. Whereas, traditional methodologies such as the Waterfall method or other linear processes, require detailed requirements that are defined in the beginning where the end product is like what was defined in the beginning. With Agile, there is no clearly defined end product at the onset; however, there is still a disciplined prioritization process, (non-static requirements, flexibility, constant change, and regular communication approach) as part of the culture and process.

This is most commonly used in software development but the approach can also be powerful in some other types of projects as well. Some users say that practitioners must have lightweight project management processes in place in order to deliver in the short timeframes that Agile demands.

Instead of building the project all together, the development is broken up into sprints with small deliverables.

  • Waterfall

Waterfall methodology is used the most across all industries, and it is very common in software development and construction. There are many versions of the Waterfall method, but the original one included these high-level phases:

  1. Requirements specification
  2. Design
  3. Construction (AKA or coding)
  4. Integration
  5. Testing and debugging (AKA Validation)
  6. Installation
  7. Maintenance