What is Consulting?

Many positions Maxsys Solutions will fill for client companies are on a contract or consulting basis. Consultants are official employees of Maxsys Solutions who work on an hourly basis at the client’s offices to supplement, or support their existing teams. The Consulting period is typically established for a set period of time, or by the completion of a specific project as defined by the client.  Once the assignment has been completed, the consultant is either released or able to begin another assignment with another client, or could be offered a contract extension.


Typically, how long are the Contracts with Maxsys Solutions clients?

Most of the consulting contracts last 6 to 12 months.  It is very common to see consultant’s contracts get extended once the Consulting period ends. Maxsys has many consultants that have been on renewing contracts for several years with the same client. This form of employment has become very desirable for IT professionals.


How do you find the next opportunity when a current contract comes to an end?

Several weeks before the contract is scheduled to end, Maxsys will ask the client manager if a contract extension is going to be offered. If there is no extension offered, and the consultant wishes to seek another assignment, Maxsys will immediately start to review open positions based on the consultant’s skillsets.  The goal of Maxsys is to be the primary source for the consultant’s career opportunities.


How does Maxsys Solutions prepare a consultant for an interview?

Maxsys will provide coaching and interview techniques so that the consultant is able to set their best foot forward.  Maxsys has close relationships with the hiring managers and know their company cultures and work environments well.  Maxsys will focus on providing fits for both the consultants and hiring managers, which are cohesive and productive.  Maxsys typically understands what kinds of questions the hiring managers will ask in regards to specific technologies as well as the interview techniques that they may use.  Maxsys will be able to provide a general guide of what to expect during the interview.  The consultant is expected to demonstrate his/her technical knowledge and skills during the interview.


How does Maxsys Solutions find the right job for a consultant?

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when matching candidates up with open jobs. First, you’re a consultant’s skillsets are matched to the requirements of the open positions. From the initial contact, questions about the consultant’s preferred work environment, company culture, work hours, and other details are discussed. Once discussions have taken place regarding the consultant’s skillsets, open positions and the client’s requirements, the consultant’s resume is then submitted for the client’s review.  Generally, the hiring manager will communicate back to Maxsys within 24-48 hours regarding a possible interview.


How do you determine the consultant’s pay rate?

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining the pay rate:  the current market rate for one’s skillsets, the number of qualified candidates available, the budget of the client company and their project requirements (i.e. Difficulty and technical challenges required completing the assignment).


How does Maxsys Solutions prepare one for the onboarding process of a new position?

The Recruiter and Account Manager will confirm the start date for the new contract.  The consultant will return to the office to fill out initial paper work.  Maxsys has a Consultant Relationship Manager to assist the consultant through that process, and who is also just a phone call away if other issues arise during the assignment.


When is a consultant eligible for Benefits?

Consultants are eligible for a Supplemental Health Insurance plan after completion of 90 days of employment.

How does Maxsys Solutions maintain communication with consultants?

There are a variety of methods to keep you consultants up-to-ate with the latest events and deadlines for payroll hours & other issues.  Maxsys Solutions uses Constant Contact emails to make consultants aware of adjustments to the regular schedule, latest developments and other information.   Most importantly, it’s important to know that a consultant may call his/her Recruiter, Account Manager or Resource Manager at any time should Constant Contact not provide all answers.