Going to a good college, having an incredible GPA, and acing a job interview are the typical ways to land the job of your dreams. But it’s 2016, long gone are the days of searching online job sites and sitting back waiting for a phone call.

It’s time to get creative. And that is exactly what California Baptist University senior Graham Allgood did to land an internship at Horizon Media.

Allgood had his heart set on working as a summer intern at the NYC-based advertising agency. So he got to work and used Snapchat to design a custom geofilter, used their company logo and photo of their headquarters, paid to purchase an on-demand geofilter and scheduled it to run when he noticed the company used Snapchat the most.

College Student Gets Hired Using Snapchat | MaxsysPost.com

Once the image was live, he tweeted the company. They responded within hours and asked him in for an interview.

Allgood tweeted a few days later that he was offered the internship…via Snapchat, of course.

The moral of the story – even if a company has filled all of their positions, if you stand out and show some initiative, you never know what could happen. Oh, and social media works!

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