Everyone and their grandmother (literally) has a social media account. So it makes sense that you should be able to contact anyone for anything. Heck, if you can get Kim Kardashian to tweet you, certainly you can get a job. Right?

Well, we’re not going to beat around the bush here. It’s not very likely that you will get hired via your witty, clever comments on Twitter. But being on social media and following the right people can help you build relationships which may ultimately help you in your job search.

Here are a few tips to use social media to land that dream job:

Update Your Accounts

This is an important and reoccurring task. For example, your LinkedIn profile should be checked as often as possible to make sure you’re including valuable information. Don’t forget to be detail-oriented and delete anything that is not necessary.

Do Your Research

If there is a company that you’re truly interested in working for, be sure to follow the key people who work there. Send their recruiter a LinkedIn invite and a brief introduction of yourself. After doing this for a few different companies, you’ll start to get suggestions for other relevant people to follow.


There is nothing that can replace face-to-face networking, but engaging on social media does have some perks. It’s a way to get to know a little bit about the company, the key personnel, and the positions they may be hiring. There is no harm in asking a company recruiter or HR representative about openings in the company. If you receive a positive response, by all means ask if you can send them your resume.

Online networking should never take the place of other job search avenues; it simply adds to them. Remember that a professional staffing company can also help and if you’re in the DFW area, Maxsys Solutions is just a phone call away.

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