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Facebook Data Center May Be Coming to Fort Worth


You’ve heard of Facebook, right? Well have you heard that there is a project in the works that can possibly bring a Facebook data center to right here in Fort Worth?

The 110-acre, four-building complex is planned for the northeast corner of Alliance Gateway and Park Vista Boulevard and will include a 750,000 square-foot data center.

The Dallas Morning News reports that “documents filed with the state of Texas and the identity of the planning team working on the project indicate it’s for California-based Facebook.”

Facebook already has data centers – which consist of servers and telecommunication equipment – in Oregon, North Carolina and Iowa.  And the architect and engineering firm used in Iowa is the same team working on the Fort Worth location.

And while a project like this will not bring hundreds of jobs to the area, it’s still a win for the tech industry in North Texas. According to an executive VP for commercial real estate company, JLL, DFW is the third largest data center market and this will increase competition.

This data center, and others like it, solidifies the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s standing as the place to be for tech jobs. And if you’re looking for a new hire or an IT position, contact Maxsys Solutions for all of your professional IT staffing needs.

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Scary Job Interview Stories


While the process of searching for a new job can be exciting, it can also be extremely stressful. That’s why when we saw the recent post on Lifehacker featuring the worst job interview stories, we knew we needed to share it. Everyone needs a good laugh, especially after you’re about to send out your resume for the 87th time.

Here are some of our favorites:

From oly0015Fire alarm goes off. Guy runs off for 10 minutes and comes back, says it’s a fire drill and to continue while its wailing. Come to find out at the end of the interview the building is on fire…

From RightOnTopOfThatRose: I was flown to Florida for a 2-day job interview. About an hour after I arrive on the first day, I was taken to an all-staff meeting for an “exciting” announcement. Surprise! The marketing department has decided to make a Harlem Shake video!!! Everyone was required to participate…

From Matt Carter: Interview at a medium sized company, guy tells me at the end of a 2-hour long interview “Well, you’re a good candidate, but we’ve already made a decision to go with someone else.” K, great, thanks for wasting my time. He said he already had the interview on his schedule, and didn’t want to be rude. Swell. Fast forward 3 weeks later, I am working in a different (much better) job, get a call from the guy offering me the job. I said, “You told me that you were going with someone else.” He says “N-n-n-no I didn’t!” Click.

This is only a small sampling, so do yourself a favor and head over to Lifehacker to read more. Trust us, we really like the one about the person who found a bug in the code that the company didn’t even know about.

If you’d like to avoid being in your own job interview horror story, contact a professional staffing agency for job placement. In the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? Give us a call at Maxsys Solutions.

Dallas, One of Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Dallas, Texas skyline

You don’t have to watch the new HBO comedy to know that Silicon Valley is the place to be for a job in technology.

Fortunately for the rest of the country, there are tech jobs to be found in other cities and NerdWallet comprised a list of them.

They took a look at 370 of the largest metropolitan areas and analyzed the following:

- Size of tech industry (using info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

- Income for tech jobs (and compared it against the median gross rent in the area)

Other than San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA topping this list, some other in the top ten were Huntsville, AL (#2), Durham-Chapel Hill, NC (#4), Raleigh-Cary, NC (#8), and Texas’s very own Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos (#9).

Dallas-Plano-Irving was #11. They found that there are 50.26 tech employees per 1,000 jobs. The average tech salary is $86, 579.70 and the median rent is $908.00.

At #75 was Fort Worth-Arlington with 26.85 tech employees per 1,000 jobs. There the average salary is $86,618.05, which is slightly higher than in Dallas. The median rent was the same at $908.00.

Some cities at the bottom of the list were:

- Syracuse, NY (#84)

- San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX (#88)

- Albuquerque, NM (#93)

- Pittsfield, MA (#96)

- Oklahoma City, OK (#99)

- Sheboygan, WI (#100)

If you’re looking for one of the many tech jobs in the Dallas, Plano, Irving area, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions today.

Job Search Red Flags

When you’re in the thick of your job search, it sometimes doesn’t even dawn on you that a job may not be the best fit for you. Especially if you’ve been searching for a while and your bills need to be paid at some point.

We don’t want you to waste your time sending in your resume, waiting for that phone call, preparing for and going on an interview, and then waiting for an offer. There are instances where a job description gives you subtle clues that you should stay away from a potentially awful job.

Lifehacker recently featured the “code words” found in job descriptions that you should be aware of:

“Must have a good sense of humor”

Unless you’re applying to be a comedy writer for Jimmy Fallon’s show, this is an odd requirement. Sure, no one wants to hire a sourpuss, but it can be a hint that the company culture may be a bit inappropriate.

“Fast-paced environment”

Again, if you’re the tire changer for a Nascar driver, sure you’re expected to work quickly. But a company that is described in this way could mean that you’ll be expected to work quickly in a stressful environment. But hey, if something like that is where you will thrive, then go for it.

“Perfect for students or stay at home parents”

This may be a classic “get paid to stuff envelopes” type job that is often advertised, which turns out to be more of a scam than a job. Typically, they will ask you to purchase a starter kit or some kind of material up front. Or else this could just be an add for a job that pays very little.

“Flexible doing other tasks”

This is a very vague description of other responsibilities you may be expected to take on. Will you have to answer phones? Pick up lunch for everyone? Walk your boss’s dog? You don’t necessarily have to steer clear of this job, but make sure you ask that specifically are the other tasks.

If you have job search questions or are looking for the perfect position in IT , please feel free to contact us here at Maxsys Solutions.

Looking for a Job? You Need this App


Remember how much fun that Mexican vacation was? Remember all of those embarrassing photos your friends tagged you in?

One of the things we tell job seekers is to delete any inappropriate content on your social media accounts. Whether it was a ranting tweet, a Facebook check in from that strip club or an awkward photo on Instagram, you don’t want a potential employer to see it.

Clear is a free iOS app that will connect with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and analyze the information to flag any inappropriate material. It uses a algorithms to filter through your posts and identify troubling keywords.

Now Clear is not going to delete the offensive content, but it will make it easy for you to find and simply delete. And currently, the app does not have the ability to scan photos or videos, but the creator claims that it’s in the works, as well as adding more social networks.

Speaking of the creator – Ethan Czahor was hired as Jeb Bush’s campaign chief technology officer, but had to resign due to some offensive tweets from years before. So he created Clear “to make sure situations like mine never happen to anyone ever again.”

The app is still in beta and there is a wait list, but you can sign up today and they will email you when it becomes available for you.

For more job search help, a professional staffing agency may be just what you need. Contact Maxsys Solutions if you’re located in North Texas.

Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking Job Search

We get it – people are like snowflakes, no two are the same. So when doling out career advice, we need to be mindful that not everything we say is applies to everyone.

Now while networking is an important aspect of the job search process, and it’s probably a source of anxiety for many introverts, or people who tend to prefer to be alone over social activities.

Here are some tips for all of you introverts who are looking for a job:


If you are prepared, it may ease the fear of walking into a networking event. Make sure you map out the location, know exactly what you will wear, and even prepare some small talk. Remember people love to talk about themselves, so plan out some questions to ask. And don’t forget you’ll want to have your elevator pitch all ready to go.

Attend Comfortable Events

When choosing which networking events to attend, select ones that you know that you’ll feel comfortable at. Whether it’s the exact location or the type of guests who will be attendance, the more comfortable you feel, the less stressful the situation.

Give Yourself Permission to Leave

If you’ve spoken to a few people and things don’t seem to be going so well, give yourself permission to bail early. As long as you made an effort, it’s completely acceptable to leave and make some mental notes on how to tackle the next event.

We know that searching for a job is not always easy and professional staffing agencies are here to help in any way they (we) can. If you’re in the DFW area, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions to see how we can help.

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The Best Day to Apply for a Job


Believe it or not, there have been studies done to determine the best times to release information to ensure that it gets the most exposure. Like the best day to email blast a newsletter (Tuesday-Thursday), or when the most people will read your witty tweets (noon and 6pm), and even the best time to post and apply for a job (keep reading).

The CEO of SmartRecruiters looked into data from over 270,000 job postings and wrote about what he noticed:

- The best day of the week to look for new job postings is Tuesday. Apparently hiring managers are just like us – they get in to work Monday and catch up on emails and some to-do’s and then get those new positions posted on Tuesday.

- Tuesday is also the most popular day to apply for a job. 18.5% of people will apply on a Tuesday. The least popular day was Saturday with only 7.5%.

- The best time to look for a job online is Tuesday at 11am, followed by 4pm (also on Tuesday). This is when most companies post their openings.

- And the most popular day to get hired – you guessed it, Tuesday. From the data, it just happens to be the day many companies will make their hiring decision.

Remember that 60% of the applications a company gets are in within the first week of posting, so it’s important to be on top of your game next Tuesday. Take this weekend to update your resume, clean up your social media presence and make a list of references, so you’re all set for Tuesday at 11am.

For more information or help with finding your next job, contact a professional staffing agency. Looking for a tech position in Dallas-Fort Worth? Call Maxsys Solutions today…or Tuesday.

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Don’t Be a Paycheck Employee

Did you know that there are two types of employees – paycheck employees and performers? While you may not have known the “official” terms, you know them when you see them – or work with them.

Paycheck employees are decent workers, but they don’t go above and beyond for the company. They come in on-time, do their job and go home at exactly 5:00 on the dot. Performers are the ones who will answer your email at 9pm on a Saturday. They care about the success of the company, and they want to be apart of the success.

Mashable recently featured a Hireside Chat where they supplied warning signs for employers so they don’t mistake a paycheck employee for a performer.

We wanted to switch it up a bit and offer tips for all of you job hunters out there. This way when you go on your next interview, you portray yourself as a performer.

A performer is someone who:

- Is passionate and enthusiastic about their job.

- Does not make excuses.

- Looks to learn more for the benefit of the company and for their own personal growth.

- Is not satisfied with the status quo.

- Uses their time wisely – gets more done in less time.

- Is innovative and creative.

- Makes the company’s (and therefore their own) success a top priority.

Company’s are seriously paying attention to job candidates to ensure they’re hiring a performer over a paycheck employee. For every employee that’s not a performer, it is costing them $3,400 for every $10,000 they spend on an annual salary.

For more information on learning how you can become a performer and land your dream job, contact a professional staffing company. Live in or around DFW? Contact Maxsys Solutions for all of your IT staffing needs.

Tips to Negotiate Your Salary


Once you’ve made it through getting your resume read, the first round of interviews and a job offer, there is still the issue of negotiating a salary that reflects what you are worth.

Many would advise that you not to do any negotiating when it comes to accepting a salary. And while that may be true in some economies or even industries, most companies do allow themselves some wiggle room when it comes to offering a reasonable wage.

Here are a few tips on how to go about the negotiation process:

1. Always have a minimum salary in mind. It’s important to know exactly how much money you’re worth and – perhaps more importantly – how much money you need to live. Sure they’ll always be someone who is willing to perform a task for less money, but will they bring value to the company like you will?

2. Don’t spend your interview focusing on money. First you need to make a good impression, then you need to show them that you will be an important asset to their company.

3. Put off salary negotiations until you are offered the position. This can be tricky because some companies as for salary requirements upon application. You can simply say “I will consider a reasonable offer”.

4. Give yourself the upper hand by allowing them to discuss pay first. Many will agree that silence gives you leverage when it comes to salary negotiations. Let them make an offer, then respond back with some research – know what the current industry standard is.

5. Be flexible. If the hiring manager stands firm on a number, ask for some additional benefits – like extra vacation time, a better office, a performance bonus, a car allowance, or a flexible schedule.

For more job search advice, check out some of our other blog posts. And if you’re in the DFW area and are looking for work in Information Technology, contact us today.

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What Questions NOT to Ask at a Job Interview


We – and anybody else who gives career advice – strongly recommend that you ask questions during a job interview. It’s important to remember that you’re not only being interviewed to see if you’re the right person for the position, you’re also there to make sure their company is a right fit for you.

However, it’s important that you ask the correct questions. Asking the wrong questions can actually lose you the job.

Here are some questions a career advisor and former recruiter (from a recent Mashable piece) advises that you do not ask:

- If you ask about specific job duties, put a positive spin on it. Don’t ask “I won’t have to do [insert job task], will I?”

- If the job description does not include anything about telecommuting, don’t ask about it. If there is a possibility you can work from home, they will let you know.

- Don’t ask about specific company projects or products unless you’re absolutely 100% positive they pertain to the company you’re interviewing with.

- Asking questions with irrelevant buzzwords will just make you sound ridiculous. Make sure you do your research and completely understand the position you’re applying for.

- It may seem obvious, but whatever you do, do not ask if the company has a drug or alcohol policy. This just raises a huge red flag.

- “What are the company perks?”. Sure you’re curious, but there is a better way to ask. Try “what are some of the things you love about working here?” There’s a good chance they’ll mention the free lunch or fun company outings.

Remember to pay attention to how you phrase things. Hiring managers are pros at looking for hidden meanings. Also remember there is always a professional staffing company willing to help you during your job search.

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