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Ways to Refresh Your Job Search

Like with anything, it’s very easy to hit a wall and enter into a slump while searching for a job. Between the hours spent researching companies and positions, to the countless number of resumes you send out, it can be exhausting. Especially if you’re not getting the results you want…a job.

So what can you do to revive your job search and refresh your attitude? Here are a few suggestions:

Expand Your Horizons

If you have your heart set on a particular company or specific position and nothing has come to fruition, you may have to re-evaluate what it is you’re looking for. Perhaps it’s your lack of experience that’s keeping you from your dream job, but it may be time to get a new dream. Listen to feedback from others, give yourself some flexibility, and expand your job requirements.

Get Outside

If you’ve been sitting in front of your computer pumping out resumes day after day and not leaving the house, that’s a problem. Many job opportunities are not even posted online, so it may be time to get dressed and get out there. Check out local meet-ups or other industry events. We know networking is not everyone’s favorite, but it’s important to expand your job search beyond your living room.

Use Your Time Wisely

If you’re not working during your job search, then a great piece of advice is to take that extra time and work on your skills. Or learn new ones. Even if the skill will not necessarily help you get a job, the fact that you’re exercising those brain muscles and (hopefully) enjoying yourself, will help your overall attitude.

All in all, it’s important to remember that everyone has ‘those’ moments during their job search. It can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. Remember that a professional staffing agency can alleviate some of that stress, so look for one in your area that specializes in your industry. If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth and are looking for a job in IT, check us out at Maxsys Solutions.

Answer this One Interview Question With Ease


Opinions vary greatly when it comes to choosing the most significant interview question a hiring manager can ask. Whatever the question, the answer is always important.

You’ll get asked lot of different interview questions and, depending on your industry and the state of the current job market, you may get asked “What other companies are you interviewing with?”

So how should you answer this question? We explore a few options below:

Don’t Lie!

First and foremost, lying is the worst thing you could do. You never know who the person your interviewing with knows and if they speak. So if you’re meeting with a competitor, it’s best to be honest and say you’re exploring options with XYZ company. For an added bonus, explain why you’re exciting about their company over the other.

Find a Connection

If you’re looking at different positions in a variety of industries, you don’t want to come off as someone who is indecisive. Again, you want to be honest and your best bet is to find a connection between the various jobs. Do they all provide IT support? Play off of that. You want to come across as a person who knows what they want…even if you don’t.

Interviewing, Applying – Same Thing?

So say this is your only interview, do you want to admit that? Probably not. But chances are you have applied to many positions and for all you know they’re calling you right now. Simply reply that you’ve just started your job search and are exploring many opportunities. But again, stroking their ego is always a good idea, so mention why you’re exciting about this particular position.

Looking for an IT position in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Give us a call at Maxsys Solutions for all of your professional staffing needs.

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Informational Interviews and Why They’re Important

Informational Interview Questions

If you’ve ever been asked on an informational interview and quickly had to Google what it was, we’re here to help explain what they are exactly and why they are necessary for both job seekers and employers.

An information interview is a meeting used to gather information by both someone seeking employment or a company looking to build a pool of candidates for future hires.

Typically initiated by someone looking to gain some insight about their career, the industry, or the ins and outs of a particular company, the information interview is hard to come by. They’re not often advertised, but here are some ways to ask for one:

- Reach out to the right people via LinkedIn. Do some research on your dream company and target someone in a position of power. But not too much power that they won’t have any time to meet with you. Try to find a shared connection, they’ll be more likely to respond to you.

- Draft the perfect email. Make sure it has a clear message, be considerate and make sure they know you’re looking for information and not just a job.

- Follow up. If you haven’t heard back in a week, you may want to follow up with another email, but be considerate and simply ask if they had a chance to read your previous email.

If you are lucky enough to get an informational interview, be sure to get the most out of your brief time. Get as much information as possible and treat the experience more like a conversation and less like an interview. The connection you make with the person may be more valuable than any other interview you’ll have.

A professional staffing agency is also a great resource you can use to obtain an information interview. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and are looking for a position in information technology, contact Maxsys Solutions.

Beware of These Interview Questions


During the interview process, some hiring managers walk a fine line between obtaining as much information as possible and asking illegal questions.

Why does this happen? Many companies do not want to invest in someone who may not be a long-term employee. And this is why “a third of managers would rather employ a man in his 20s or 30s over a woman of the same age for fear of maternity leave“.

So what kinds of interview questions are considered discrimination? Here are some examples. And remember that if you get asked any of these, you don’t have to answer them:

Do You Plan to Have Children?

Or they will ask “do you have children?” While it’s typically asked of women, this question is not appropriate. Technically, it’s not illegal to ask whether a job candidate has children, it is unlawful to discriminate based on pregnancy status.

How Old Are You?

This question is a big no-no. Most hiring managers won’t come out and ask this directly; they will ask what year you graduated from High School or how long you’ve been working. Just keep in mind that it is also illegal to not hire someone based on their age.

What Religion Are You?

You’d be surprised how many times this question gets asked, especially in the Bible Belt. Other than wanting to know whether you can work on Sunday or Saturday, there is no legal reason an employer would need this information. Hence, it’s one they’re not allowed to ask.

What Country Are You From?

If you speak with an accent, be careful. It’s not legal to ask about your national origin. They can however, ask if you’re authorized to work in the country.

For more interview questions that are illegal or discriminatory, check out Business Insider. And for more tips on searching for a job or to find a position in your area, contact a professional staffing agency.

Free Apps to Help Your Job Search


While there are many handy resources to help you find a new job, we (of course) are bias to using a professional staffing agency.

But because we are a staffing agency that specializes in IT careers, we also love the concept of using apps to help make finding a job easier.

Mashable recently featured the best apps to use during your job search that we wanted to share. These apps are easy to use, well designed, and free.

Good & Co

Go & Co app’s tagline is “Personality insights for better relationships and workplace happiness”. Their goal is to match your personality traits with the right career and position. They use the Myers-Briggs Indicator personality tests and you can even have some fun with it – find hidden personality traits and discover the meaning behind some of your relationships, especially your work relationships.


Reach allows you to network and make a real connection with people you may otherwise pass right by. It’s a location-based networking app that works with your LinkedIn account to find nearby professionals. So if you’re sitting in a coffee shop, you can use the app’s filters to find someone in a specific field and try to connect with them. You can also use Reach to discover nearby networking events.


If you think handing out business cards on tiny pieces of cardstock is old school, you’re not alone. Inigo allows you to create digital business profiles – as many as you want – and share them via text message. There is no app needed for the person to view your digital business card and you can even see statistics on how many people have opened and viewed it.

Searching for a new job or career requires lots of effort and many tools. These apps, along with a professional staffing agency, can help tremendously.

Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Cover Letter Mistakes-Maxsys Solutions

You’ve probably spent many hours painstakingly researching, writing and proof reading your resume.

But what about your cover letter? Like most people, you’ve probably written something up quickly so you can be the first to send in your resume.

And like most people, you’re probably making some common cover letter mistakes:

“My Name Is”

Trust us, it’s a way to introduce yourself in many situations, just not this one. Instead start your cover letter off with a relevant introduction of how you came about the position, your work experience or schooling.

Simply Re-Writing Your Resume

The hiring manager will read your resume (ideally), so there is no need to repeat exactly what’s already on your resume. Yes, you’ll want to highlight some of your exceptional work, but your cover letter is the place to delve deeper into those highlights. Be sure to give details of how your work has impacted your previous positions.

Over Explaining

At the same time, you don’t want to drone on and on about your experiences or explaining any gaps in your resume. Keep it short and sweet. Limit yourself to a few sentences and then wrap it up.

Sharing Too Much

Many people share information that is irrelevant in their cover letter. Sure it’s great that you belong to a religious organization or are captain of your adult hockey league, but unless it pertains to the position you’re applying for, delete it.

Cover letters are a great opportunity to showcase your skills on a deeper level, so take advantage of them and avoid these mistakes. If you need further assistance, a professional staffing agency is a great place to start.

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Learn to Get Comfortable Networking

Networking Job Search

Raise your hand if you like small talk. We guarantee that there are very few – if any – that genuinely like small talk.

Why? Because it’s pretty much pointless. Talking about the weather or the latest top news story is not very interesting and chances are, one of you is actually not paying attention to what the other is saying.

So how do you make that transition from just meeting a person to getting to know them on a more personal level? The Huffington Post recently ran a piece offering tips on how to learn to love networking:

Find People You Like

Instead of networking simply for the sake of networking, actually find people you really like and chat with them. Talk about work, don’t talk about work, whatever works. Our favorite tip the author recommends, “After you’ve met two or three of them, your work is done. Now you can go back to your hotel room and watch a movie in your pajamas.”

Stop Asking ‘How can I help you?’

Yes, you’ve been told in networking 101 that it’s about giving and not taking. Except that everyone has been told the same thing and by asking ‘How can I help you?’, we all know you’re essentially asking ‘How can you help me?’. Instead, focus on what you’re doing and what you want out of the relationships you make at this particular event.

Do Your Research

Check out the list of people attending the event ahead of time and reach out to them. If you’ve already met them or if you have a mutual friend, simply send them an email and scheduling a time to meet up. If not, connect with them on LinkedIn or other social media accounts and introduce yourself.

Want additional networking tips? A professional staffing agency is always a great resource. Give us a call at Maxsys Solutions if you’re looking for an IT position in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Find the Best Cities with the Highest Salaries


When starting your career it’s likely that you’ll want to consider where you’ll want to work and live. And in the list of things you should take into account, is which cities have the best salaries for your profession.

There is a website that can help. StartClass uses information obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to rank cities by the median salary for specific job descriptions.

You can start by selecting a state, then choose an occupation. A list of results will appear and you can narrow the selections down by entering a city. You can view job titles, annual salary, historical salaries, nation-wide salary, and the number of employees in that region.

The website also provides tools to sort, filter and compare the information.

Other information on StartClass includes historical salaries, employment levels, cost of living-adjusted pay, and entry-level and experienced pay. You can explore other parts of the site, which will show you salaries in a certain city over time, a cost of living calculator and a review of each city.

StartClass is a great starting resource to not only decide where you’d like to live, but exactly which occupation you should focus on. If that location happens to be Dallas-Fort Worth and if your occupation happens to be in Information Technology, then your next resource is one of our staffing professionals at Maxsys Solutions.

Don’t Try This at Home-Buying a Fake Resume

Buying Fake Resume on the Today Show

Every once in a while you hear a story that bursts your ‘everyone is good and honest’ bubble.

Ours burst when we heard of a story featured on NBC’s The Today Show about how you can buy fake diplomas and resumes online. And, according to some experts, it’s actually more common than you think. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which regulates the legitimacy of degrees, estimates that 100,000 fake degrees and diplomas are sold every year.

See, bubble burst.

Simply Google “fake college diploma” and there are many websites that sell college diplomas, diploma seals, certifications, GED diplomas, high school diplomas, and even college transcripts that all look authentic. The websites even tout that they use “the same paper used by actual schools” and “real raised seals”.

There is also a website where you can buy a fake resume with made-up companies (which have websites) and fake references (which will be answered by a real person).

Now is any of this legal? Well, it’s not actually illegal to purchase the fraudulent documents. And thankfully there have been stories of professionals who have resigned because of this coming to light. But morally, we all know it’s wrong.

As professionals, we can only hope that the people who have obtained their position by using fake diplomas and/or resumes, will one day either feel badly about it or get caught.

If you’re newly out of college looking for a job, or a seasoned professional looking to change careers, please do not go this route. There are plenty of honest ways of obtaining a great position. If you need some advice, find a professional staffing agency to help you and if you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions.

Make Your Resume Mobile Friendly

Make Your Resume Mobile Friendly

In this day and age with so many people accessing important information on the go, it’s important to make sure everything – especially your resume – is mobile friendly.

No it’s not an absolute requirement, but if a hiring manager is browsing through resumes during their morning train ride, do you want to be the one job candidate without a mobile ready resume? We didn’t think so.

Here are some tips from Glassdoor on how to make your resume easy to read on a mobile device:

Keep the Formatting Simple

Feel free to go nuts on your paper resume with the formatting – add columns, sections, maybe even a different, yet professional, font. But if you’re going to be emailing your resume, make sure the formatting and layout is less complicated just in case it’s opened on a phone or tablet.

Make it Short and Sweet

We’ve said this so many times, that we’re beginning to sound like a broken record – hiring managers take seconds (NOT minutes) to decide whether your resume will get a second look or wind up in the recycle bin. If they’re reading your resume on their phone, they don’t want to be scrolling and reading forever. Make it brief and to the point. And highlight your best accomplishments in the beginning.

Hyperlink Your Contact Information

You want to make it as easy as possible for a hiring manager to contact you. If you make your email address and phone number a hyperlink, they can easily click on it and get a hold of you. Same goes for your LinkedIn profile or any other social media accounts listed on your resume.

Want more advice for your resume or job search? A professional staffing agency is a great resource and if you’re located in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Maxsys Solutions to see how we can help you today.


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