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High Paying Tech Jobs for 2015

Want to make big money in 2015? That’s kind of a silly question since not many people would scoff at a six-figure salary. But if you’re currently in – or looking to join – the tech industry, we’re here to help you narrow down the specialty you should focus on.

This week, Mashable featured the top 5 technology-related jobs postings from CyberCoders. They included the job description, salary and location.

Unfortunately for those of us living in Dallas-Fort Worth, all of these jobs happen to be located on the west coast, but do not be discouraged. Texas is still one of the fastest growing tech states in the nation, adding thousands of tech jobs per year. According to the Metroplex Technology Business Council:

“The Texas technology industry continues its fourth year of growth, making significant contributions to the nation’s innovation economy,” said William C. Sproull, president & CEO, Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC). “Texas’s tech industry accounts for over 6 percent of the state’s private sector employment, and over 11 percent of payroll.”

Here are the highest paying tech jobs for 2015:

- Data scientist in Seattle, WA with a salary of $150,000

- Data engineer in Mountain View, CA with a salary of $148,000

- Ruby on rails developer in Silicon Beach, CA with a salary of $147,000

- Machine learning engineer in San Francisco, CA with a salary of $131,000

- Android engineer in Mountain View, CA with a salary of $131,000

Want us to find you similar tech jobs in DFW? Give one of our staffing experts at Maxsys Solutions a call today.

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Be Courteous to Everyone on Your Way to a Job Interview

One man’s mistake is another man’s life lesson. A little anecdote that turned up on Mashable this week is a great teaching moment for anyone who is looking for a job.

While traveling in the London Underground on his way to a job interview, a man was blocked by a fellow passenger. Instead of saying “excuse me”, he pushed the other passenger and told him to go f*ck himself. Now we have all been stressed the day of an interview, but obviously this is not the way to handle a situation.

Why was this such a big deal? Oh, perhaps because when the man showed up for his job interview and met with the Head of Talent and Recruiting, it turned out to be the passenger from the incident.

It just cannot get any worse than that.

According to Mashable, even though the two men sort of laughed about the exchange, the position is still available.

The moral of this story is that while you are in search of a job – and especially when you’re on your way to an interview – it’s best to conduct yourself as if everyone you come into contact with can help or hurt your chances at a job. Because you just never know…

While this little tale won’t exactly help you find work, we wanted to share. Plus it’s a pretty funny. Want more funny, job related stories? Or just help finding your next job? Contact our staffing specialists at Maxsys Solutions.

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Things to do Before You Quit Your Job

So you’ve decided to leave your current job in search of a better one? The next step – despite what you may want – is not to barge into your boss’s office and scream “I QUIT!”

This is the time to get your ducks in a row to make this transition easier for all involved – well, mainly you. So, here are some things you’ll need to do before your quit your job:

Clean Up Your Technology

If your company supplies you with a laptop and cell phone, you should probably take any personal stuff off both of them. Remember to only transfer personal files, clean up your work files and leave those company files alone. Trust us, those are more than likely proprietary and you can get in big trouble copying them. And don’t forget all of those photos off your phone.

Organize Your Projects

It’s never a good idea to burn a bridge with an old employer.  So when you leave, if your work is all disorganized, that does not bode well for you. Make sure all of your files and projects are squared away and that any loose ends are either taken care of or noted. Sure the position may not have been what you were looking for, but there’s no reason to take that out on your successor.

Make Doctor Appointments

Your new job may not offer health benefits or they may not kick in for 90 days. To be on the safe side, schedule those doctor and dentist appointments before you give your notice. There is nothing worse than needing to see the doctor when you don’t have coverage.

If you’ve decided to leave your job and you have another one lined up, congrats! If you don’t, consider contacting a staffing agency to find your next position.

The Most Detrimental Thing on Your Resume

When it comes to your resume, they are so many mistakes that you can make.

Whether it’s misspellings or the fact that you’re including non-essential information, the last thing you want to do is give the hiring manager a frivolous reason to toss your resume in the recycle bin. Especially when that reason could be easily corrected.

So let us assume that your resume is flawless, what else could possibly be on there that can hurt your chances of obtaining your dream job? An employment gap? Your age?

Actually, it’s job hopping. Yes, the others can affect your chances, but according to an inforgraphic from Bullhorn Research, 39% of hiring professionals say that job hopping is the biggest hiring obstacle.

1,500 staffing recruiters, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers were asked which factors are most damaging when reviewing job prospects. Some interesting findings were:

- “A 55-year old with a steady employment history is easier for recruiters to place in a new job than a 30-year old job hopper”.

- If you’ve been unemployed for over 6 months, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get hired.

- No matter what age you are, if you’re out of touch with modern technology, 26% of professionals say that can severely affect your chances for a job.

Do you need more job search advice? The staffing professionals at Maxsys Solutions are here to help, contact us today.

How You Know if Your Job Interview is Going Well

So you perfected your resume, got the call to schedule an interview, and did all of the interview prep work. Now you’re sitting across from the person who can make or break your next career move.

Anyone who has ever sat in the interview chair has questioned whether it’s going well or they are completely blowing it. And it’s not always easy. I once finished an interview 100% confident that I was getting the job, or at the very least a second interview. A week later, I received the “we’re sorry…” letter.

So how do you really know how well your interview is going? Here are some positive scenarios:

- You are asked to speak with other key company figures that you were not previously told about.

- You are given a tour of the company’s offices and are introduced to other employees. Bonus if they show you your potential office.

- The interviewer seems very interested in knowing when you are available to start.

- You find yourself in the middle of a personal conversation and it’s going well. It starts to feel like you’re speaking with a pal. Bonus if you’re both laughing.

- The interview went long and the conversation flowed.

- You were told exactly when you’ll hear back from them. “I’ll be in touch soon” is vague, but if he says “I’ll get back to you in the next two days”, that’s a good sign.

Need more interview tips? Contact one of our professional representatives at Maxsys Solutions to learn how you can ace your next interview.

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Top Tech Companies for 2015

When you father and grandfather searched for a job, they looked in the classifieds, spoke to a few colleagues, accepted a position, worked there for 30 years, got their gold watch and retired.

Today, it has become a bit more complicated. But companies have taken note and stepped up their game to once again be a place where people want to work at for 30 plus years and retire there.

Glassdoor recently posted the Best Places to Work in 2015 and we wanted to share the top technology companies they featured:

-       Google
-       F5 Networks
-       Facebook
-       Qualcomm
-       Adobe
-       MathWorks
-       Apple
-       LinkedIn
-       Zillow
-       Mindbody

Besides competitive salaries, some company benefits include free meals, video games rooms, company-sponsored events, flexible work schedules, onsite wellness classes, and company cultures that value their employees happiness and success.

Most of these companies encourage their employees to explore new technologies and continue learning, which creates room for advancement for all of their workers.

Looking for a long-term position in a company? Contact a Maxsys Solutions representative for help finding your next tech job.

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Didn’t Get the Job? You May Have More Options

They say when one door closes, another one opens. And if there was ever a time where that was especially true, it’s during a job search.

To receive a job offer, many different stars need to align. So while you may not be the best candidate for one position, there may be something else close by that is perfect for you.

Here are some tips on how you can turn rejection from one position into an offer for another:

Make Sure You Ace Your Interview

Obviously this is easier said than done, but it’s extremely beneficial to make a good impression during an interview. For one, chances are the person conducting the interview has many connections and if they like you, they can recommend you for another position or introduce you to someone who can. They are also more likely to keep you in mind if something else becomes available in the future.

Be Honest

If you know that there are other job opportunities in a particular company, you can let that be known during the interview. Especially if you learn more about the position you’re interviewing for and you start to think it wouldn’t be a good fit. Sure, it’s a risky move, but if you show enough passion they shouldn’t hold that against you.

Follow Up

If you are notified that went with another candidate for a job, you can still follow up with a thank you email. There’s no harm in expressing – one last time – your interest in working within the department or company. You can even end your email with something along the lines of “I hope you’ll keep me in mind”.

If you still need more options, contact Maxsys Solutions where we are dedicated to finding superior staffing solutions for IT professionals.

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Ask Questions While Waiting for an Interview

Waiting in the reception area for an interview is an extremely nerve-raking experience. You never know how long you’re going to be there and it’s not exactly an appropriate time to catch up on your reading or return a few phone calls. So why not do something to make the best of it?

Lifehacker recently suggested that interview candidates Ask the Receptionist These Questions While Waiting for a Job Interview. It’s a great idea to get some insider information on the company from the one person who sees everything that goes in the office.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the receptionist:

- Is everyone normally this (busy, quiet, friendly, professional), or is something special going on today?

- Do people who work here like to get together socially?

- How busy is the switchboard on a typical day?

- Are the bosses usually in the office or are they often on the road?

- How would you describe the office culture?

- What do you like best about working here?

Don’t forget about other questions you should ask at different times during the interview process – like before the interview and during.

For any other questions you may have or for all of your professional staffing needs, contact Maxsys Solutions in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Introduce Yourself Like a Pro

When you’re looking for a job, any connection you make has the possibility of leading to a job opportunity. That’s why it’s essential for you to have an answer to the commonly asked question ‘what do you do?’.

LinkedIn recently featured an article on how NOT to introduce yourself. We wanted to touch on that a bit, but highlight some tips on introducing yourself like a pro.

Successfully Reword Your Answer

Yes, the person asked you what you do, but LinkedIn advises that you instead answer ‘who you help’. Instead of just describing your current or previous job title, simple answer with “I help companies identify and make the best use of their key performance indicators and big data.” This is concise and to the point, plus the person will know in just a few seconds if they know of a company who can use someone like you.

Ask Questions

Nobody likes that guy who talks non-stop about himself. Don’t forget to ask some questions and get to know the person. Ask what they do, what they’re looking for, etc. You never know the connections you can make from just one conversation.

A Few Don’ts

Whatever you do, do not:

- Drop names

- Ask the person to pass your business card onto others

- Tell your life story

- Give a wimpy handshake

Networking is challenging, but it’s an important part of your job search. For more information, a professional staffing agency can always help. Located around DFW? Call Maxsys Solutions today.

Don’t Make These Mistakes After You Get A Job Offer

You finally got a job offer – congrats! However, not many people realize that until your first day and/or a contract is signed, the offer could be retracted. It doesn’t happen often, but you want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes that can affect this exciting event.

Mashable recently featured a piece that lists the mistakes that companies and candidates both make. We wanted to share the job candidate portion, so that your new job offer isn’t taken off the table:

Taking Your Time

No matter how long it takes for the company to offer you the position, it’s never a good idea to take too long to accept the job. If you do need some time, be honest. If you would like to speak with more key figures in the company, request a meeting. Never go completely silent.

Asking for Too Much

Yes, it’s important to know your worth and it’s necessary to negotiate your salary and benefits package, but be careful. If the company accepts your requires salary quickly, do not take that as a sign that you low-balled them and then ask for more money. Big mistake. Plus you’d be giving the company an easy way out of offering you the job.

Negotiating the Nonnegotiable

It’s a fact of life that no one wants to be told “no”. So if during your negotiation process, the hiring manager states that it’s not company policy to provide a company phone, do not push for it. Again, it’s another good excuse for them to seek out another candidate. Know what you can negotiate and work with that.

Using a professional staffing company during your job search is a great way to navigate all of the job search steps. If you’re in the DFW area, contact Maxsys Solutions to see how we can help.

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