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Best Cities for New Tech Grads

Map of USA

Last week we provided recent college graduates with job search tips. So this week we thought we’d cover the best cities for tech jobs for recent graduates.

The recruiting software company Jazz (previously known as the Resumator), recently did a study on which U.S. cities have the highest number of entry-level job openings. They featured industries such as sales, marketing and advertising, medical, business and finance, and management/other positions.

They also looked at the best cities for tech and engineering jobs, even breaking them down into subcategories:

- Software engineer

- Systems engineer

- QA engineer

- Technician

It’s no surprise that San Francisco area has the highest number of entry-level positions for a software engineer. But did you know that if you live in Boston/Cambridge/Quincy, MA or Pittsburgh, PA that there are plenty of job opportunities as well?

Pittsburgh and Boston are also a great cities if you’re looking for a systems engineer position, as well as the Washington D.C. area.

Looking to become a technician? Well Pittsburgh again ranks high on the list, but don’t pack up and move just yet. If you live near Baltimore or Orlando, there are also many job opportunities at the entry-level position.

Now, we go back to California for QA engineer jobs, but it’s not San Francisco this time. Los Angeles has many opportunities, just not as many as Boston according to this study.

If you don’t happen to live in or near any of these fine cities, that’s ok. We here at Maxsys Solutions are dedicated to finding the right job for IT professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact one of our team members or check our list of current jobs.

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Job Search Tips for New College Graduates

College Graduates

If you’ve recently graduated from college, congratulations! It’s a major accomplishment and you should be proud.

But now you need to get a job and put that degree to good use.

If you already have a job or have one lined up – congrats again! If not, you may need to hit the ground running because those student loans won’t pay themselves.

Here are some tips for recent college graduates who are looking for a job:

Clean Up Social Media Accounts

You may want to delete some of those photos from Facebook or delete any inappropriate tweets. And if you have a LinkedIn account, make sure it’s ready for the real world. If you don’t have one, create one asap.

Start Networking

Yes, you’re going to have to talk to people. Here are some of our top networking tips to get you started. And don’t make these networking mistakes.

Use College Experience on Resume and Interviews

If you don’t have any professional experience – which is not unusual – you’ll have to rely on experiences you had while in college. Did you have an internship? How about a summer job or volunteer work? Emphasize all extra activities, even if you didn’t get paid for them.

Practice Interviewing

Even if it’s in front of a mirror or with a friend, you want to practice your answers to typical interview questions. You’ll also want to avoid these interview mistakes.

Dress for Success

If you don’t have a suit, go buy one. This is not a time to rely on a loaner from dad or a friend. Speaking of dad, have him teach you how to tie a tie, if you don’t already know how. Women should also have a professional suit for interviews. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

Also remember that professional staffing agencies are a good resource for recent college graduates. And if you’re looking for an IT position in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Maxsys Solutions today.

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The Best Fonts for Your Resume


If you read that headline and rolled your eyes, you’re probably not alone. But you’d be surprised how many people hiring managers are actually turned off by certain fonts *cough – Times New Roman – cough*.

When sorting through a stack of resumes, it’s estimated that a person will give each resume about 10 seconds before deciding whether it gets reviewed further or goes into the recycle bin.

So do you really want to take a chance with a font that’s not easy to read?

We didn’t think so. Here is a list of the five best resume fonts:


Many will refer to Arial as the safe bet. It’s clean and neutral. It’s like a good pair of khaki pants – classic.


This is an old-style font that is also elegant. If that sounds like your personality, then go for it.


In many programs, it’s now the default font. And for good reason. It’s clear, readable and a universally well-liked font.


Lifehacker did an entire piece on “Why You May Want to Consider Using Helvetica Typeface for Your Resume“. Many experts feel Helvetica should be used over classics, like that pesky Times New Roman.


It’s a country, it’s a state, it’s a woman’s name and it’s a font. There are many people who think that Georgia looks better on screen than on paper, so that’s always an option if you’re simply emailing your resume.

Remember that a professional staffing agency can help you with all of your career needs. For more resume and job search advice for IT professionals in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Maxsys Solutions.

Delete These From Your Resume Now


Chances are the bulk of your resume hasn’t changed much since the last day of college. Even though you may have added and deleted some positions, and maybe re-worded a few descriptions, you probably still have more rewriting ahead of you.

Did you know that there are resume words or phrases that will get your resume automatically tossed in the recycle bin?

According to The Muse, many terms found in resumes are overused and considered “fluff”. So hiring managers just toss them in a pile with all the other trite resumes.

Do you want to be the person who stands out from the crowd and has a unique resume?

Here are three words/phrases to consider removing from that resume. For more, check out the The Muse’s article.


We get it, you’ve used something, but you want to sound smart so you replaced ‘used’ with ‘utilize”. Well so has everyone else. So either go back to ‘use’ or find another way to explain yourself.


If you’re an assistant, you’ve assisted. Otherwise you ‘contributed’ or ‘collaborated’.


Yes, we know you’ve worked. At least we hope you have. Using ‘worked’ in your resume is way too vague. “…go with something more precise, like ‘calculated’, ‘facilitated’, ‘doubled’, ‘launched’, ‘reduced’ and so on”

Resumes are not going away anytime soon, and neither are our resume tips. For more information and assistance on finding your next job, contact a professional staffing company. And Maxsys Solutions is here in DFW for all your IT staffing needs.

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What’s the Happiest Job in the U.S?


The Declaration of Independence tells us “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

So if you are unhappy in your current career, it may be time to pursue happiness in a new line of work. That may not be exactly what our forefathers meant, but we are a staffing and recruiting agency after all.

So what is the happiest job in this great country of ours? Well, we’re happy to report that it is in the tech industry. Drumroll, please…web developer.

The survey – commissioned by SkilledUp and performed by Provokeinsights – found that  ”88% of the 303 developers surveyed were completely satisfied with their career, 11% were somewhat satisfied, and only 1% were not at all satisfied.”

Many attribute the flexible hours, work-life balance and salary as the reasons why they enjoyed their job. Annual pay for web developers ranges from $50,000 to $149,000 and a large portion surveyed expect a pay increase soon.

And there is good news if you’re looking to become a web developer – 90% of those who were surveyed said there were many jobs available. Those with Python or Ruby skills may have more employment opportunities.  And a degree in computer science is not always necessary, most developers learn on their own, through job-training or even online courses.

So if you want to be happy at work and make a nice salary, consider web development. Give us a call at Maxsys Solutions and we can find a position for you today.

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3 Cover Letter Tips

Resume Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter can sometimes feel as if you’re penning the most important 3 paragraphs of your career.

And while you’re not completely wrong, it’s not as difficult as you think. A cover letter is an informal extension of your resume. It’s something that allows you to speak to the hiring manager and describe additional details that don’t have a place on your resume.

Here are three cover letter tips that are especially helpful if you haven’t written a resume in a while:

1. Write a fresh new cover letter for each position you apply to. If you simply say the same thing every time you attach your cover letter to your resume, it won’t be authentic. Especially if you’re applying for different types of jobs.

2. Show, don’t just tell. The cover letter is where you can explain yourself, so use it to show how you’ve “increased company sales” or “developed customized database”.

3. Tell a story. Why do you want this job? What is your connection to this company? By telling a story, you’re bringing your experiences to life and showing that you’re a real person, not just a name on a piece of paper.

Searching for a job is a job within itself. To make the process quick and painless, consider speaking with a professional staffing and recruiting company.

Facebook Data Center May Be Coming to Fort Worth


You’ve heard of Facebook, right? Well have you heard that there is a project in the works that can possibly bring a Facebook data center to right here in Fort Worth?

The 110-acre, four-building complex is planned for the northeast corner of Alliance Gateway and Park Vista Boulevard and will include a 750,000 square-foot data center.

The Dallas Morning News reports that “documents filed with the state of Texas and the identity of the planning team working on the project indicate it’s for California-based Facebook.”

Facebook already has data centers – which consist of servers and telecommunication equipment – in Oregon, North Carolina and Iowa.  And the architect and engineering firm used in Iowa is the same team working on the Fort Worth location.

And while a project like this will not bring hundreds of jobs to the area, it’s still a win for the tech industry in North Texas. According to an executive VP for commercial real estate company, JLL, DFW is the third largest data center market and this will increase competition.

This data center, and others like it, solidifies the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s standing as the place to be for tech jobs. And if you’re looking for a new hire or an IT position, contact Maxsys Solutions for all of your professional IT staffing needs.

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Scary Job Interview Stories


While the process of searching for a new job can be exciting, it can also be extremely stressful. That’s why when we saw the recent post on Lifehacker featuring the worst job interview stories, we knew we needed to share it. Everyone needs a good laugh, especially after you’re about to send out your resume for the 87th time.

Here are some of our favorites:

From oly0015Fire alarm goes off. Guy runs off for 10 minutes and comes back, says it’s a fire drill and to continue while its wailing. Come to find out at the end of the interview the building is on fire…

From RightOnTopOfThatRose: I was flown to Florida for a 2-day job interview. About an hour after I arrive on the first day, I was taken to an all-staff meeting for an “exciting” announcement. Surprise! The marketing department has decided to make a Harlem Shake video!!! Everyone was required to participate…

From Matt Carter: Interview at a medium sized company, guy tells me at the end of a 2-hour long interview “Well, you’re a good candidate, but we’ve already made a decision to go with someone else.” K, great, thanks for wasting my time. He said he already had the interview on his schedule, and didn’t want to be rude. Swell. Fast forward 3 weeks later, I am working in a different (much better) job, get a call from the guy offering me the job. I said, “You told me that you were going with someone else.” He says “N-n-n-no I didn’t!” Click.

This is only a small sampling, so do yourself a favor and head over to Lifehacker to read more. Trust us, we really like the one about the person who found a bug in the code that the company didn’t even know about.

If you’d like to avoid being in your own job interview horror story, contact a professional staffing agency for job placement. In the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? Give us a call at Maxsys Solutions.

Dallas, One of Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Dallas, Texas skyline

You don’t have to watch the new HBO comedy to know that Silicon Valley is the place to be for a job in technology.

Fortunately for the rest of the country, there are tech jobs to be found in other cities and NerdWallet comprised a list of them.

They took a look at 370 of the largest metropolitan areas and analyzed the following:

- Size of tech industry (using info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

- Income for tech jobs (and compared it against the median gross rent in the area)

Other than San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA topping this list, some other in the top ten were Huntsville, AL (#2), Durham-Chapel Hill, NC (#4), Raleigh-Cary, NC (#8), and Texas’s very own Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos (#9).

Dallas-Plano-Irving was #11. They found that there are 50.26 tech employees per 1,000 jobs. The average tech salary is $86, 579.70 and the median rent is $908.00.

At #75 was Fort Worth-Arlington with 26.85 tech employees per 1,000 jobs. There the average salary is $86,618.05, which is slightly higher than in Dallas. The median rent was the same at $908.00.

Some cities at the bottom of the list were:

- Syracuse, NY (#84)

- San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX (#88)

- Albuquerque, NM (#93)

- Pittsfield, MA (#96)

- Oklahoma City, OK (#99)

- Sheboygan, WI (#100)

If you’re looking for one of the many tech jobs in the Dallas, Plano, Irving area, give us a call at Maxsys Solutions today.

Job Search Red Flags

When you’re in the thick of your job search, it sometimes doesn’t even dawn on you that a job may not be the best fit for you. Especially if you’ve been searching for a while and your bills need to be paid at some point.

We don’t want you to waste your time sending in your resume, waiting for that phone call, preparing for and going on an interview, and then waiting for an offer. There are instances where a job description gives you subtle clues that you should stay away from a potentially awful job.

Lifehacker recently featured the “code words” found in job descriptions that you should be aware of:

“Must have a good sense of humor”

Unless you’re applying to be a comedy writer for Jimmy Fallon’s show, this is an odd requirement. Sure, no one wants to hire a sourpuss, but it can be a hint that the company culture may be a bit inappropriate.

“Fast-paced environment”

Again, if you’re the tire changer for a Nascar driver, sure you’re expected to work quickly. But a company that is described in this way could mean that you’ll be expected to work quickly in a stressful environment. But hey, if something like that is where you will thrive, then go for it.

“Perfect for students or stay at home parents”

This may be a classic “get paid to stuff envelopes” type job that is often advertised, which turns out to be more of a scam than a job. Typically, they will ask you to purchase a starter kit or some kind of material up front. Or else this could just be an add for a job that pays very little.

“Flexible doing other tasks”

This is a very vague description of other responsibilities you may be expected to take on. Will you have to answer phones? Pick up lunch for everyone? Walk your boss’s dog? You don’t necessarily have to steer clear of this job, but make sure you ask that specifically are the other tasks.

If you have job search questions or are looking for the perfect position in IT , please feel free to contact us here at Maxsys Solutions.


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