Believe it or not, there have been studies done to determine the best times to release information to ensure that it gets the most exposure. Like the best day to email blast a newsletter (Tuesday-Thursday), or when the most people will read your witty tweets (noon and 6pm), and even the best time to post and apply for a job (keep reading).

The CEO of SmartRecruiters looked into data from over 270,000 job postings and wrote about what he noticed:

– The best day of the week to look for new job postings is Tuesday. Apparently hiring managers are just like us – they get in to work Monday and catch up on emails and some to-do’s and then get those new positions posted on Tuesday.

– Tuesday is also the most popular day to apply for a job. 18.5% of people will apply on a Tuesday. The least popular day was Saturday with only 7.5%.

– The best time to look for a job online is Tuesday at 11am, followed by 4pm (also on Tuesday). This is when most companies post their openings.

– And the most popular day to get hired – you guessed it, Tuesday. From the data, it just happens to be the day many companies will make their hiring decision.

Remember that 60% of the applications a company gets are in within the first week of posting, so it’s important to be on top of your game next Tuesday. Take this weekend toupdate your resume, clean up your social media presence and make a list of references, so you’re all set for Tuesday at 11am.

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