Why DFW is a great place to live if you are – or want to become – a software engineer.

Earlier in the year we reported that one of the top IT jobs for 2016 was software engineer. It ranked number 9 and at the time Glassdoor was reporting 29,270 job openings with a media salary of $95,000.

Now we’re sharing where are the best cities to live if you want to be software engineer, get paid the most, and enjoy a decent quality of life.

Glassdoor has taken the job openings they have for software engineers and matched them up against cities where employees will actually get paid the most. They’ve determined the ‘real adjusted salary’, which takes into consideration living expenses, such as housing, transportation, food and recreation.

To help you understand more, for example, a software engineer in San Diego, CA earns $100,000 per year, while a software engineer in Portland, OR earns $90,000. But when cost of living is factored in, the software engineer in Portland earns a 5.1% higher real salary ($89,374; #9) than the engineer in San Diego ($85,034; #19).

As an IT professional staffing agency in Dallas-Fort Worth, we are happy to announce that our amazing little metroplex featured #11. The real adjusted salary came out to be $88,294, which was 0.8% above the national average cost of living. The median base salary in DFW came out to $89,000 per year and there are currently 1,376 job openings.

There is also good news if you live in other cities in Texas: Austin ranked #6, San Antonio ranked #17 and Houston came in at #21.

If you’re already located in DFW or looking to move, Maxsys Solutions can help you find a job as a software engineer or any other IT position. Give us a call today!

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