We’ve all had a bad boss at least once in our lives – it’s like a rite of passage that makes us appreciate a great boss when we finally get one. It may also be an experience that can provide comic relief at dinner parties.

But how do you spot a bad boss before you even start a job? There are actually a few tell-tale signs you need to look out for. We wanted to feature a few of them from Lisa Quast’s Forbes article and add some of our own:

They Obviously Hate Their Job

Waiting for an interview is expected, but if the hiring manager has you wait for an inordinate amount of time and then acts as if he’s annoyed you are there, this can be a bad sign. Remember that, while yes you need a job, he also needs an employee; he’s not doing you a favor by meeting with you.

They Ask Illegal Questions

Did you know that it is illegal to ask a potential employee about their race, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, and disabilities? And if you’re a woman, they’re not allowed to ask you about the possibility of having children or whether or not you have childcare. A hiring manager should know the law and if they ask any of these types of questions, it shows they’re unethical.

They Seem Very Distracted

It is not unreasonable to ask for someone’s undivided attention during a job interview. If the person conducting the interview is distracted, it can throw off the interviewee and that’s just not fair. You want a boss who will put his phone on Do Not Disturb or tell his assistant to hold their calls during any important meeting with you.

They’re Negative

My mother always said “any friend who always talks negatively about others is probably talking negatively about you”. Same with a boss. If during an interview, the hiring manager is bad-mouthing his staff, former employees or even the “higher-ups”, that’s a turn-off. You want to work for someone who is positive about their job and the people around them.

Check out the Forbes piece for more ways to spot a bad boss. And for ways to spot a great potential job, check out the professional staffing services at Maxsys Solutions.

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