Ahh the dreaded cover letter. We know that they’re important, we know that they more than likely will get read, and we know that they are a pain (and that’s putting it nicely) to write.

The biggest challenge when it comes to writing a cover letter is that you know that they’re supposed to reflect your personality, but exactly how much? You want to show off your witty sense of humor, but you don’t want to offend anyone. At the same time, you want to show how professional you are, but you don’t want to sound like every other cover letter out there.

The Muse recently listed the following cover letter lines that make you sound like a robot:

“Dear Sirs”

This salutation should have never been on your radar. It’s not 1956, women aren’t just secretaries anymore. The article advises that “To whom it may concern” is just as bad, so you should do your best to inquire who the hiring manager is before sending in your resume and cover letter. If that’s not possible, you can simply put “Dear Hiring Team”.

“I am Detail-Oriented”

Ok the thing is that no one will admit that they’re not detail-oriented, so it’s meaningless. Why not take that detail-oriented quality and be more detailed in your cover letter. Show exactly what you mean by giving examples. It is only a cover letter, so stick with just one…and make it a good one.

“References Available Upon Request”

This is the job search version of “caution: coffee may be hot”. Everyone knows it, it’s not necessary to say. You’re wasting valuable cover letter real estate putting it in there.

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