In your job search journey, you have no doubt read many articles about interview tips. They are everywhere – even here on our blog.

Today we wanted to highlight some of those dreaded interview mistakes we have all made. Yes, we all have made them and much more. They key is to learn from them and – if it’s your job to do so – share your knowledge with others.

Not Doing Your Research

The last thing you want to do is interview with a company without having full knowledge of everything about them. Now, no one is asking you to name the CEO’s favorite vegetable, but you should know who the CEO is and what his vision for the company is. All of your research can simply be done on the company website and a with a quick Google search.

Not Interviewing the Company

Remember that while you are the one formally being interviewed, you still want to ask some questions of your own. It’s important to make sure the company and the job are a good fit for you, as well. There is nothing worse than getting the job you wanted and then realizing a few months later that your dream job is now a nightmare.

Lacking Confidence

If you feel confident, it will shine through during an interview. But what if you don’t feel confident? Well, there are a few options. You can practice interviewing until you’re comfortable or you can simply “fake it till you make it“. We’re not joking – if you convince yourself that you’re the right candidate for the job, you just may be able to successfully convey that to the interviewer.

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