When preparing for your next job interview, it’s important to have answers to all of the standard interview questions ready to go. This way when they ask you “What is your biggest weakness?”, you’re all set, and you can confidently and thoughtfully answer the question.

The only problem becomes when your answer is the same answer that every other interviewee has given.

So how do you know if your answer is unique and not something the hiring manager is heard four times that day? Easy, you keep reading so we can demonstrate some cliché, rehearsed answers that hiring managers don’t want to hear:

“I’m passionate about…”

Unless you’re applying for a nonprofit that solves world peace or provides food for hungry children, chances are you’re not exactly passionate about configuring firewall settings or installing file servers. Instead be honest and talk about the skills you have and what skills you hope to develop as it pertains to the job.

“I see myself working here five years from now”

Sometimes this is followed by a chuckle because it’s meant to be a joke, but guess what…way too many people answer the five years from now question this way. Don’t do it. Instead answer the question with a little spin – explain what you’d like to be working on five years from now. Or what ideas you want to bring to their company to help move them forward. Show them you can add value to the position.

“I’m extremely organized”

The thing is that many people are organized, and the ones that aren’t are never going to admit to that in a job interview. Instead just show ways in which you have been organized on a specific project. Just know that most job candidates are going to say things like “I’m a huge fan of to-do lists.”

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