There are two types of people looking for a job – those who are serious and treat the search like a job itself, and those who are employed, but just checking to see what else is out there.

For both of those job seekers, a staffing or recruiting agency is the best resource. But if you’d like to add some fun to your job hunt while the agency is finding you something, here are some apps you can play around with.


For Android and iOS, Poacht is perfect if you’re ‘sort of’ looking for a new job or if you don’t want to put too much effort into it.  It actually advertises itself as “covert job search for the currently employed”.

Simply link it to your LinkedIn profile, pick your salary level, benefits and the app’s algorithm will help you find a job match for you. There are currently 70 companies using Poacht to find quality employees.

What Color is Your Parachute?

Based on the popular job hunting guide, this app will help you discover job related details about yourself. Including skills, values, goals, working conditions, salary levels and more. The app also features a diagram to help you track your job search progress, sticky note reminders and a salary calculator. What Color is Your Parachute is only available for iOS.

Job Search by

Also available in both iTunes and Google Play, the Indeed job search on-the-go app is very similar to the website. With over 1 billion job searches happening on Indeed per month, you’re sure to find the perfect job. You can save your favorite postings and the app will store your searches for your next visit.

While these apps are a good job-hunting source, remember that a live human being – especially one of our team members from Maxsys Solutions – is always a better avenue to explore when looking for a job.

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