Opinions vary greatly when it comes to choosing the most significant interview question a hiring manager can ask. Whatever the question, the answer is always important.

You’ll get asked lot of different interview questions and, depending on your industry and the state of the current job market, you may get asked “What other companies are you interviewing with?”

So how should you answer this question? We explore a few options below:

Don’t Lie!

First and foremost, lying is the worst thing you could do. You never know who the person your interviewing with knows and if they speak. So if you’re meeting with a competitor, it’s best to be honest and say you’re exploring options with XYZ company. For an added bonus, explain why you’re exciting about their company over the other.

Find a Connection

If you’re looking at different positions in a variety of industries, you don’t want to come off as someone who is indecisive. Again, you want to be honest and your best bet is to find a connection between the various jobs. Do they all provide IT support? Play off of that. You want to come across as a person who knows what they want…even if you don’t.

Interviewing, Applying – Same Thing?

So say this is your only interview, do you want to admit that? Probably not. But chances are you have applied to many positions and for all you know they’re calling you right now. Simply reply that you’ve just started your job search and are exploring many opportunities. But again, stroking their ego is always a good idea, so mention why you’re exciting about this particular position.

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