Why You Should Consider Working With A Staffing Agency when Your Search Seems to be Getting You Nowhere

Searching for a new job can be tiring, both physically and emotionally.  Rejection is hard to take and when you’re putting your self-worth out there to be judged, not getting a job you feel eminently qualified for can wear you down.  After months of searching without success, you might want to change tactics.  Don’t get discouraged, just join a new team.

You don’t have to do this on your own.  It can be a scary proposition to be struggling to find income and feeling alone in the fight.  Staffing agencies are designed to battle with you.  They work with companies to find temporary employees for positions they need to fill immediately.  They post the jobs, interview the candidates, and eventually hire the right person to fill the spot.  Here’s what’s awesome about their process.

  • You can keep searching without the pressure of finding immediate income

You set the criteria, including how many hours you’ll work if you need the extra business hours to continue interviewing.  If you don’t feel the position they find you is your dream job, the opportunity will still exist to look for it and still be able to pay the bills.  You’ll also have an opportunity to excel, show off your skills and earn an excellent recommendation from your temporary employer.  It never hurts to expand your resume.

  • There’s always the chance you’ll find permanent employment if you love the company

A growing trend among companies is to regularly hire temporary employees from staffing agencies that they may consider bringing in full time.  They have a chance to get to know you and discover how you fit into their company culture.  It’s a vetting process that solves their short-term goal and hopefully provide them a stellar full-time employee in the future.  It may not even be for the temp job you’re performing.  After they get to see what you’ve got they may develop an entirely different career path for you.  By the time your contract runs out you’ll probably have someone expressing an interest in a full-time job.  No matter your temporary situation, always give your best and keep your eyes and ears open.  If you decide you want to build a career with them, then make your interest known.  Don’t wait til the day your contract ends, begin networking as soon as you’ve made the decision. Bottom line, they need to see you would be an asset and want to keep you.

  • Take every opportunity to learn something new while you’re there

If there’s some new operating system, process, or software put to use in your temporary position, make the effort to learn everything you can about it.  Taking advantage of these resume-boosters is a no brainer. It’s one thing to say “I’m a quick learner” and another for them to witness you picking up a new skill with ease.  Even if you don’t get a job there, it’ll be an awesome addition to your resume you can’t afford to ignore.  Match your agencies efforts with the skill set you are looking to enhance if that’s your thing.  At least, do the research to find out what your agency specializes in to ensure they’ll be putting you into jobs involving the field of work you want to pursue.  Some specialize in tech companies for instance.  It’s a great way to stack the deck in your favor.

  • Agencies will typically get you placed quicker than interviewing on your own

Companies using a staffing agencies to fill positions usually want them filled yesterday.  As a result, agencies are focused on filling them in a timely manner.  It’s one of the ways they ensure that company will come back to them for the next opening.  It can take weeks to hear back after you’ve interviewed with a company you found on your own while they conduct interviews of everyone who has applied.  Staffing agencies are pro’s at vetting and placing resources where they will work best.

  • Full time Position or not, you’re making valuable connections

Any quality networking contacts in a company or industry are immeasurably valuable.  Better than those you’d make at a conference or seminar, you’ll have the chance to build relationships and establish your value over the duration of your contract.  Even if there are no positions available when your contract runs out, if you want to have a career there, the relationships you leave behind may get you a chance later down the road.  At the least, those contacts may be able to find opportunity for you in their industry, perhaps in a different department or company.  You never know where healthy networking contacts will get you.

  • Perhaps the best value in temp work is you get to check THEM out

Working with a staffing agency can give you exposure to a variety of industries and positions in a relatively short period of time.  You will be able to clarify your vision of the perfect job and determine just what’s right for you, all the while gathering resume bullets and recommendation letters, beefing up your resume for when you finally find that dream job.  It will also bolster your confidence, based on your new experience.  Temp work can expand your knowledge base and subsequently your appeal.

You’ll also figure out what you DON’T want to do and maybe learn from any mistakes you may make along the way.  Overall, a growth experience.

In conclusion, you should consider contacting a professional staffing agency for help finding your perfect job.  If you’re in IT and looking for work in Dallas-Fort Worth, Maxsys Solutions is one of the area’s exceptional IT Staffing Agencies.