Company Culture Questions You Have To Ask Before Accepting A New Position

It’s challenging to add more criteria to your job search when you’re in the middle of it, yet you should still endeavor to prioritize culture fit. When you’re working through the interview process, a hiring manager has three potential contexts for establishing your suitability – resume, personality and ‘fit’. Each is an important factor in getting – and keeping – a position that fits your career path. Transform the idea of culture fit into a beneficial guideline by conducting a ‘culture audit’ of each potential employer you consider. It can give you a clear picture of your future with that company and help you define what you’re looking for.

Culture Can Define a Successful Company

Company culture is one critical way that staff members describe where they work. It underlies their comprehension of the company as well as help workers find their place within the organization. There are many business leaders who don’t believe that building a dynamic company culture will determine success as well as retain their valued talent. Even so, from the employer’s perspective, a company’s culture draws talent, and that’s what makes companies great.

A ‘culture audit’ will enable you to evaluate the existing culture of a potential employer’s firm. A culture audit doesn’t just help a company learn exactly what retains staff members at the firm, it could also assist candidates to determine the next steps in their career path.

Questions that Expose Company Culture

Use the following questions to audit the culture of your prospective employer and you’ll be glad you did:

  1. Are salaries comparable to competitors? Do you feel employees are compensated fairly?
  2. Does the benefit package compare favorably with those of the company’s competitors?
  3. Does the company have programs in place that reflect they value your efforts? This could come in the form of awards or bonuses, perhaps even  as fundamental as periodic performance evaluations.
  4. Is ongoing training offered to promote success for their employees?
  5. Does management practice an open door policy?
  6. Are staff members challenged? Do the research, consult LinkedIn and discuss within your network.
  7. Are your values on par with those of the business? You can discover some of the company’s mindset from their mission statement, but the best guide is would be to talk to various levels of those already employed at your prospective company. It’s never a good idea to just consider the mission statement when auditing culture. Open communication fostered among team members is the best reference. More viewpoints is better overall.

You may have actually heard many of these questions during your last exit interview. It’s highly recommended that you ask these questions first and not wait until your frustrated with your job. Best to discover any issues before you’ve invested the time and energy to become an awesome employee.

A Culture Audit should be a Positive Experience

Be aware that both good and bad traits may come to light in a culture audit. You may discover areas of friction as well as synergistic opportunities. Overall the audit should be a net positive exercise, exposing new information about your prospective company as maybe even yourself as you determine what culture fits best for you. Assessing yourself and your goals is a critical factor in developing a rewarding career path.

Remember that ultimately, culture is still only one aspect of determining the right fit, but it’s an important one.

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