You know that networking is an important factor in your job search and you should be doing it more often. But like we all know we should be eating more vegetables, we just don’t want to.

The other problem is that many of us are guilty of making some big networking mistakes. Are you? Here are five networking mistakes that you are probably making:

Not Being Active on LinkedIn

Yes, you have put up your resume and all of your personal information on LinkedIn, but are you connecting with people? You need to take the time each week to get to know and interact with your connections. And make sure you show interest in them…not just what they can do for you.

Focusing on Yourself Too Much

Networking is about finding ways to make your contacts useful to you in your job search, but you don’t want to be too pushy. Remember to also ask them what you can do for them and a handwritten thank you card for their help is always a great idea.

Asking Immediately for a Favor

You may meet someone who has the connections that you need, but asking them for their help as soon as you meet them is a no no. Interact with them; send them an interesting article that relates to something they are interested in. Then wait until your second interaction for specific help or information.

Not Putting in Any Effort

Every single relationship in your life deserves some effort. This includes your networking contacts. The most read book on this topic is still Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. It can’t hurt to read or even re-read it.

Networking with Too Many People

Networking is about quality, not quantity. Connect with the right people and then use those connections wisely.

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