How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

LinkedIn Profile Tips

A LinkedIn profile can inspire fear. It’s used by nearly every industry. According to data from the Society of Human Resource Management, over 90% of recruiters rely on it to find and vet job candidates. Your profile may or may not catch an employer’s eye, but it will shape how they feel about you. Take control of your online reputation with these LinkedIn profile tips.

Step 1: Get Found

First, you must realize your profile doesn’t translate to being seen. And if you aren’t seen, no good is coming from the hours you spent creating your profile.

So, first, ensure the exact phrase for the position you’re looking for is in each section–your Headline, Summary, Experience, and Skills. Yes, everywhere! You don’t want to be passed over by LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

Step 2: It’s a social network. So be social

LinkedIn’s algorithm is set to return connections most closely linked to the searcher, such as 2nd degree vs. 3rd degree, so it pays to have as many connections as possible. It’s fine to connect with someone you’ve never met, says Donna Serdula, owner of Just be sure to send a customized message in your invitation. And actively engage with contacts by liking, sharing, and commenting on their activity.

Step 3: Win the First Impression

Now, maybe you show up in the search results, but getting the hiring manager to click on your profile for a search like “project manager” is another hurdle. With over two million results, the trick is to win the first impression.

Given the numbers, you’ve got to assume that you’re only going to get a millisecond to wow someone. How, you might ask?

1. A charismatic profile photo.LinkedIn Profile Picture

People prefer to surround themselves with happy people. Nothing gets you in as quickly as a picture that conveys: “You would like me.” And that photo means 21 times more views and up to 36 times more messages.

2. An eye-catching headline.

Say you want to work in Development at an early stage startup, say: “Development Manager for Startups: I Help Small Companies Become Big Companies!” This speaks to what the hiring manager is looking for today and where meets the needs of the future of the company as well.

And that’s it. Just three steps to ensure you show up in hiring managers searches, gain their attention, and win interest. When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, only 20% of it is going to get you 80% of the impact. So think like a hiring manager, focus on these 3 steps, and save yourself the stress!