There is nothing worse than spending hours perfecting your resume and cover letter and then…crickets.

Unfortunately, the reasons why you’re not getting a call for a job interview are not always your fault. Some will say it comes down to mistakes in your resume or cover letter, but more often than not, it’s something that you cannot control.

Here are three reasons you are may not be getting called for an interview and what you can (maybe!) do about it:

It’s All About Who You Know

The world is an unfair place and unfortunately this is often the case; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The only way to remedy this is to network. Again, we know some of you would rather get a root canal than attend an industry event, but it’s worth it. Check out some networking tips we’ve previously shared.

Your Resume is Too Long

Ok, so this one you do have some control over. Hiring managers love to skim resumes, spending only about 10 seconds deciding your career fate. The key is to make your resume as easy as possible to skim through – bullet points work best. Focus on your strengths and use these successful resume words.

Your Name Tells Too Much

While completely illegal, it does happen that you will be discriminated against based on your race…or even gender. It’s wrong and we don’t have a solution, but our opinion is that you don’t want to work for that person or that company anyway, so consider yourself lucky if they never call you.

Remember that a professional staffing agency can help you with all of your career needs. For more resume, interview and job search advice for IT professionals in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Maxsys Solutions.

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