During the interview process, some hiring managers walk a fine line between obtaining as much information as possible and asking illegal questions.

Why does this happen? Many companies do not want to invest in someone who may not be a long-term employee. And this is why “a third of managers would rather employ a man in his 20s or 30s over a woman of the same age for fear of maternity leave“.

So what kinds of interview questions are considered discrimination? Here are some examples. And remember that if you get asked any of these, you don’t have to answer them:

Do You Plan to Have Children?

Or they will ask “do you have children?” While it’s typically asked of women, this question is not appropriate. Technically, it’s not illegal to ask whether a job candidate has children, it is unlawful to discriminate based on pregnancy status.

How Old Are You?

This question is a big no-no. Most hiring managers won’t come out and ask this directly; they will ask what year you graduated from High School or how long you’ve been working. Just keep in mind that it is also illegal to not hire someone based on their age.

What Religion Are You?

You’d be surprised how many times this question gets asked, especially in the Bible Belt. Other than wanting to know whether you can work on Sunday or Saturday, there is no legal reason an employer would need this information. Hence, it’s one they’re not allowed to ask.

What Country Are You From?

If you speak with an accent, be careful. It’s not legal to ask about your national origin. They can however, ask if you’re authorized to work in the country.

For more interview questions that are illegal or discriminatory, check out Business Insider. And for more tips on searching for a job or to find a position in your area, contact aprofessional staffing agency.